What is causing all of these oil spills?

I think the oil companies is just letting them happen so that they can raise the price of oil.

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  1. Nunitak Says:

    Greed and incompetence plus some poor management and monitoring and do-nothing government oversight.

    The oil companies try to max out profits at the expense of safety, quality and environmental safety concerns. The developing nations have lower levels of expertise on quality and safe practice, including for pipelines. Their governments are smaller and less able to keep track or just plain inexperienced.

    And they want their royalties for the government mainly. The level of concern drops off precipitously and perilously after that.


    Therefore it is likely that oil spills for pipelines, tankers and wells will increase. There is currently a huge spill in China waters now. It is purportedly from a huge busted pipeline and is a big magnitude disaster about which we hear little because information is greatly restricted there in comparison to the USA.

    One wonders what the cumulative effect on the oceans and seas will be over the next fifty years.

    Oil companies are not the only ones with such faults. Greed and quality fudging are commonplace in Pharmaceuticals, Medical and other Insurance, and even in Government itself.

    Will they really clean house at MMS? Why do we pay people for doing nothing while so many want work but have no job? Got to keep track of walrus health in the Gulf, you know?

    The money that should be used for quality and efficiency as well as proper in-house expertise goes elsewhere and THE PROBLEMS are for THE FUTURE GENERATIONS.

    Take the money and run. Everyone pays a higher price to benefit the looters without conscience. The money taken from safety goes to executive salaries and bonuses. Did you hear about ‘bonuses’ over the last 30 months? Start thinking about that.

    Some of it is the result of accidents, but better planning and expertise would reduce those.

    At least the financial magnitudes of the oil catastrophe are not at the same level as the Wall Street Economic Catastrophe yet.

    But the results of the Gulf Oil Spill are nothing to scoff at, one more huge axe blow at USA economic welfare. I believe about $100 billion ultimately, not counting effects on ocean life.

    There was a huge spill around Australia, finally stopped late last year.

  2. panicdog Says:

    it’s an accident. shitt happens.

  3. starleo51 Says:

    It’s a conspiracy, were the capping process was simply a publicity stunt.

  4. David Says:

    of the thousands of wells, very few ever leak. this is not to say it isn,t a serious problem. in the case of the BP well, safety measures were ignored.