what is hindraf? what is their rights? how can they speak so arrogant?

Hindu’s Rights Action Force (Hindraf) as far as i know has been trying to gain support from internal and outsiders to get involve in Malaysia gov’t. Do they have the rights? aren’t they feel ashamed? by spreading lies. The Hindraf Claims there is an ethnic cleansing against the indian since independence 50 years ago. if its happen since 50 years ago then there will be no indians today.

this is all happen when gov’t agencies brought down 3 of their temple and this 3 is not license and not approve by the license department. Notice have been given but instead they rally again around the temple on the day of foreclosure. The gov’t didn’t only tear down temple .. they tear down mosque too if its not licensed or the owner of the land claims for it.

When started to spread lies all over the globe, its called treason and sabotage. Is Malaysia not fair? If they’re not fair then go back to India no question asked, they asked for their support didn’t they.
hello johanssm, i don’t know about that.. can’t u see? even i can miss information (about what u said yadda yadda). So the gov’t lie.. do they kill? how’d u know they did all what u said? prove it! what prove u have? what prove hindraf have? where is it? all u guys have is yadda yadda yadda bla bla bla.. BBC is just another news for politics courtesy of businessman, and george soros kind. Settle the problem inside our own country. don’t involve outsiders that brings bad story so the investor won’t come and not even the gov’t but all religion and races will be in trouble. hindraf especially, said they hate UMNO and not malays. what a hell is that? UMNO is United Malays National Organisation. they are races.
u said they drive proton, have mycard, eat belachan… what more do they want? money? more money? work harder lah!

hindraf like hindustan film lah.. want to fight like gandhi.. u know what.. they’re not even close like gandhi.

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  1. johanssm Says:

    Hindraf was arrogant?

    You should attend the parliament meeting and observes who are the ones more arrogant.

    Yes , Hindaf or any parties at all have the rights.It is clearly written in the constitution.

    Yes, Hindraf is highlighting their cause in London now, they just left India yesterday.maybe they are doing just that to highlight as we all knows that our NST , The Star, berita harian,tv3,rtm even astro censured them out.
    Its quite fair if they go to london and appears in BBC.
    BBC wont be bias right?
    As well as to get some fish & Chips…yummy!

    Yes, Hindraf did in fact lied, same as the current government both did lied.example sukhoi jets,submarines,Altantuya,judicially fixing,iraqi oil for food scandal,luxury jet , the former chief minister of melaka rape case,the former Inspector general of polis who assaulted the then DPM and so on and on, hell even abdullah relations with jean danker (his butler c u m sister in-law)was brushed off as "rumours" So Hindraf lied just once,only one time.

    Yes, hindraf should not use "ethic cleansing" in their claim.They should use ‘apartheid or NEP"
    That is very bad of Hindraf, bad boys indeed.

    Yes, the state government tore down those "illegal" 100 years old place of worship that existed before there is a "malaysia" on the world map.

    Yes, notices was given,but were there any negotiations done?Did "mic" brokered for it?Even uncle sami knew about it the last minute.

    Is Malaysian government fair?..please ask the 2000 lawyers, 50000 Bersih people , 10000 Hindraf people and 45% of the voters who voted for the opposition parties.

    Sabotage and treason?i think my way of answering might be a threat to malaysia’s national security too.Lets call such acts as "Story spinning" or "political arson".

    They cant go back to India, as they are malaysian..they have Mycard, malaysian passport,Perkeso, EPF drives a Proton car ,eats sambal belachan , paid the ever increasing toll charges and pays yearly income tax to LHDN.
    If they migrates to other nation, this will be lost of revenue.Total lost.
    Who else will represents the poor Indians then?..call uncle semi?..his hotline still aint working lah.

    btw, i am not indian.just an observer.
    I dont like to give out long answer,but you asked a long question