What is life like as a Petroleum Engineer?

I mean the ones who stay on drilling rigs, not the ones who are in the office.

Is it true they work 100+ hour weeks? Or is that an over exaggeration.

I am fine with those hours, but I still never see that much on how Petroleum enigneers do work.

I mean, electrical and mechanical is easy, you stay at an Office and work a lot at labs and such. Civil is very easy to know.

But what about petroleum because I am going to major in it or Petroleum Geophysics at University of Texas.

5 Responses to “What is life like as a Petroleum Engineer?”

  1. oil field trash Says:

    Petroleum Geophysics is not petroleum engineering. Geophysics is involved only in the finding of petroleum not the productions of it.

    Petroleum engineers are involved in the evaluation of reservoirs after they are discovered. Their interest is in determining the size of the reserves in the reservoir and how to best produce the oil/gas to maximize income and profit. They spend most of their time in offices and not on drilling rigs. It is not an efficient use of their time.

    Petroleum engineers do not work in petrochemical plants or refineries. Those are chemical engineers.

  2. gazi r Says:

    It is not necessary that Petroleum Engineers work on rigs only , they can work with petrochemical plants too , and that could be outside offices or inside. Usually working on the rigs require to work on shifts , and that depends whether offshore or onshore too, each has it’s own working conditions, and as long as you stay on the rig , you suppose to be on duty, but I encourage you to study this branch, it has great future .

  3. Mike Mercury Says:


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