What is Obama going to do about the rising price of oil?

The price of oil is rising while the rest of the stock market, along with people’s retirement savings is tanking. Is the great Obama going to do something about this, or is this the way he wants it?

21 Responses to “What is Obama going to do about the rising price of oil?”

  1. Country Club Conservative Says:

    No president has much control over the price of oil.

  2. Willamette Says:

    Buy GM.

  3. Josh Seiler Says:


    What are YOU going to do?!

  4. In Defense of ☭Marxism Says:

    He’ll have to beg his friends at Goldman Sachs not to raise the price too high, I’m sure Jim Rogers is doing his best to drive up the cost.

  5. Hey Hussein! Sniff this! Says:

    He’s going to hang out with the mob in Chicago and eat pizza.

  6. Paul Jackson Says:

    The Dow was at about 7000 when he took office. It’s now up at nearly 12,000.

    There is very little he can do about the rising price of oil. Look up: FREE MARKET.

  7. ? Says:

    I think he is planning to personally start his own oil drilling company.

  8. Dr. Zaius Says:

    I guess he could nationalize it.

    You guys kill me..

    On the one hand – get government out of everything.. government is the problem.. blah blah blah

    Then in the Next breath.. Obama… fix the oil prices.

    Get a grip you bunch of schizophrenics.

  9. qwert Says:

    Blame Bush

  10. Jake Says:

    Let it continue to rise and stress the need for alternatives

  11. Ed Says:

    Invade the Dominican Republic for "his" legacy?

  12. suthrnlyts™ Says:

    Gosh, I remember the leftists whining endlessly when gas prices went up under the Bush regime. Why are they SO silent now?

  13. Tom Sawyer Says:

    This is what he wants don’t you get it Obama has not ever been for you or I he want absolute control and he will get it if he is allowed back in office in 2012 stop him at any cost legally that is.
    Everyone that sees what this man is really up to better go vote are they will be sorry.

  14. tonysanabria Says:

    Why do you ask what a community organizer might do?
    He’d go to the government for a hand-out.

    OH Hell, I forgot, HE IS the government!!…:-)

  15. Gabriel Thegreat Says:

    Nothing. Why? Is our capitalist system and our few regulation laws frustrating you? The free market has spoken and it said, "let there be high oil prices!"

  16. wolfman Says:

    He will do nothing but say he is "laser" focusing on the problem and then go on another vacation.

  17. itsamini1 Says:

    No this was one of his campaign promises. I don’t know why people are surprise he said this was going to happen when he was campaigning.

  18. Noah H Says:

    Dude..you have to stop listening to all those right wing radio dummies….they’ll rot your mind. As to the ‘question’…yes, there is a plan and that plan involves moving on to 21st century technology. The problem here is that both the oil and the coal mafias are dead set against doing that because by doing that their cash cow will be killed off. To keep their cash cow on life support they, along with other trans national corporations have created the new Gop/Teabag/Fox ‘News’ Axis. Their plan is to make Barack a ‘one term president’, get another stooge like George Bush elected and then dismantle ANY movement toward solar and wind power in the United States. What we could do, and won’t do: Stop both of these stupid wars and immediately exit the entire middle east, stop importing their oil and go to immediate ‘wartime’ rationing. Meanwhile begin a crash program to electrify the US with solar and wind power, thus encouraging electric transportation. As we rapidly phase out filthy coal and polluting oil and replace them with clean energy to keep the wheels on the road and the lights on we could stop paying the Arabs billions of dollars for oil that we don’t need…price reduction would of course follow and the oil industry would scream like a wounded panther as their profits went down. How sad! Barack knows this ain’t gonna’ happen so the next best thing is the ‘Plan’. As quickly as possible develop wind and solar power even against the push back from the coal and oil godfathers. What could take less than a decade will take a lot longer, because the GOP/Teabag/Fox ‘News’ movers and shakers pimp exclusively for dirty coal and expensive oil….they don’t want change. Meanwhile a lot working class ditto heads like the person who posted this ‘question’ will get continually screwed by the very people they support….the right wing politicians. The bankers, the oil and coal people, the insurance companies, particularly the ‘health insurance’ companies and all of the rest of the trans national corporations want no changes that might effect them. they want high prices and they’re bound and determined to get them. That’s why they’re all over Barack…he’s their enemy. Bummer for the rest of us!

  19. Benjamin Jones Says:

    He knows it’s happening, buuuut…

    Change! Change! We need CHANGE! Got any change? I want some change! I don’t know why but, I need some change! I’m poor and I need some change!

    Now someone like that ovbiously doesn’t know what their doing. He’s not going to do anything about because the gas stations are what control part of the goverment. Obama just wants money in his, and his freinds pockets.

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