What is the advantage & disadvantage of menthanol petroleum & ethanol petroleum?

Ethanol is food based did government realized food can help a lot of poor, war & etc country people.
Menthanol is coal based coal is not human basic need not like food. Without food human cannot survive but without coal human can survive.

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    Both of these are very corrosive substances and can not be shipped long distances by pipeline. They must be shipped in special non-corrosive containers.

    Methanol is much more corrosive than ethanol. It will produce much greater damage in the fuel system and in the engine of a vehicle. Methanol is less dense than ethanol and will produce less energy per unit of weight than ethanol.

    One of the main problems is the strength of the sugar beet industry of this country which prevents the importation of cheap sugar or cheap ethanol from Cuba, Brazil, and other Central and South American countries where sugar is produced in abundance cheaply.