What is the basic price for oil change in the GTA?

I’ve been searching for like a half hour, I know nothing about any of this, and a simple price answer would help me greatly

3 Responses to “What is the basic price for oil change in the GTA?”

  1. The Eagle Keeper Says:

    Oil filter $10
    Oil per qt $3.25
    Maybe a little higher, maybe a little lower. Depends on where you shop.

  2. p_crothall Says:

    My mechanic charges $25. The price varies according to the automobile. You can check out places like Mr. Lube but my suggestion would be to find a good mechanic and let them do it. You will need a mechanic for any other jobs that need to be done on your car. I would not go to that store with `Canadian“ in the name as past experience from a couple of my friends says it was not good.Ask your family or friends to recommend a good mechanic.

  3. CAROLYM Says:

    Jiffy Lube charge about $21.99