What is the British government doing to help British Petroleum resolve the Gulf Oil Spill?

I am wondering if the British government has gotten involved at all in helping one of their country’s company’s work to resolve the worst ecological disaster in US History?

4 Responses to “What is the British government doing to help British Petroleum resolve the Gulf Oil Spill?”

  1. Alan W Says:

    BP is a multinational company, not British. They employ a lot more Americans than British people and the other companies involved are American. The British Government do not see it as any of their business.

  2. rejectedzipper Says:

    what exactly do you want them to do?

    BP has more money than the British government.

  3. 101 Says:

    It’s not a British company and it hasn’t been known as British Petroleum for over a decade. It’s a multinational company which is 40% owned by Americans and employs more Yanks than Britons.

  4. Gent Says:

    Some of your racist American politicians want to make your Gulf oil spill a British issue because they want to deflect criticism for the fiasco.
    It was a US rig with US riggers using US equipment specified by US engineers and the safety blow out equipment which was supposed to avert the disaster was US designed and manufactured (by Halliburton). The entire set up was criticised by a visiting BP engineer as a nightmare rig one week before the disaster.
    BP which owns the lease for the oil reserve is an international public company with its securities exchanged on the New York, London and Frankfurt stock exchanges. It is not (as suggested by some Americans) called British Petroleum. 39% of BP shares are US owned. USA and BP should clear up their own mess. US has only 5% of the world population yet spews 25% of the pollution.
    Ultimately, it was poor US government legislation which allowed the unfortunate disaster to happen.
    Legislation is far more strict in Europe and very unlikely to happen here.