What is the Christian explanation for Petroleum?

I mean its organic and very very old! It cannot produced within 6000 years! So what does Christians have to say about it? What do they say it is?

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  1. The Dude Says:

    I think they just ignore it. Christians have a tendency to ignore anything that contradicts their bible.

  2. E. F. Hutton Says:

    god did it

  3. FleaFly Says:

    second that

  4. doc Says:

    can it?
    are you sure? under the right condictions it can be made in under a decade
    fossilizaction to, age doesnt have much to do with it

  5. Derek Bambach Says:

    i have no clue

  6. Akeys Says:

    i wonder

  7. Bob Says:

    Scientists don’t even agree as to the reason for oil. Many believe that is constantly being produced by microbes, not that it takes millions of years to produce.


    Diatoms float in the top few meters of the oceans (and lakes, for that matter – which is part of the reason why not ALL oil comes from ocean deposits!) and also happen to be a major source of food for many forms of ocean swimmers. Their skeletons are chemically very similar to sand – in fact, they are made of the same material (silica). Diatoms produce a kind of oil by themselves – both to store chemical energy from photosynthesis and to increase their ability to float. But this small amount of oil still needs to become concentrated and mature before it can be taken from the ground and used as fuel.

  8. mjkisdabomb Says:

    Petroleum is Petroleum.

    Stop over analyzing the Christian religion.

  9. Nitrox79 Says:


  10. John Says:


  11. Katie Says:

    God created a muture earth. aka, God made man, not babies, God made birds, not eggs.

  12. Freddy Krueger Says:

    If it stinks, the devil did it.

  13. Joey Says:

    God made Earth with a history, so people could believe what they wanted to believe, because beleiving is about faith.

  14. Bryan K Says:

    I dont even care about the retarded copout answers die hard thumpers will respond with, good question, well played sir

  15. Lauzer Says:

    I don’t believe in Petroleum, because it doesn’t exist! Just like gravity!

    Your insults humor me.

  16. Jerome Says:

    Conditions are constant?

    And what’s contradictory?

    Humans can’t be produced through evolution in one single day, yet God had no problem creating the universe.

    You can agree or disagree, but I fail to see that actual contradiction in the creation claim, regardless of your belief.

  17. #1 twilight fan<3 Says:

    The whole 6,000 years old thing is a theory not a fact. Just because there are a lot of things out there that we don’t understand and don’t seem to fit in with what the bible says doesn’t mean God isn’t real…those things just tell God who the true believers are

  18. zasek Says:

    It’s there so christians can conquor coloured people and own everything (a very few white american christians anyway)

  19. Relaxin' Says:

    Crude oils themselves do not take long to be generated from appropriate organic matter. Most petroleum geologists believe crude oils form mostly from plant material, such as diatoms (single-celled marine and freshwater photosynthetic organisms)12 and beds of coal (huge fossilized masses of plant debris). The latter is believed to be the source of most Australian crude oils and natural gas because coal beds are in the same sequences of sedimentary rock layers as the petroleum reservoir rocks. Thus, for example, it has been demonstrated in the laboratory that moderate heating of the brown coals of the Gippsland Basin of Victoria, Australia, to simulate their rapid deeper burial, will generate crude oil and natural gas similar to that found in reservoir rocks offshore in only 2–5 days.

    However, because porphyrins are also found in animal blood, it is possible some crude oils may have been derived from the animals also buried and fossilized in many sedimentary rock layers. Indeed, animal slaughterhouse wastes are now routinely converted within two hours into high-quality oil and high-calcium powdered and potent liquid fertilizers, in a commercial thermal conversion process plant

    All the available evidence points to a recent catastrophic origin for the world’s vast oil deposits, from plant and other organic debris, consistent with the biblical account of earth history. Vast forests grew on land and water surfaces in the pre-Flood world, and the oceans teemed with diatoms and other tiny photosynthetic organisms. Then during the global Flood cataclysm, the forests were uprooted and swept away. Huge masses of plant debris were rapidly buried in what thus became coal beds, and organic matter generally was dispersed throughout the many catastrophically deposited sedimentary rock layers. The coal beds and fossiliferous sediment layers became deeply buried as the Flood progressed. As a result, the temperatures in them increased sufficiently to rapidly generate crude oils and natural gas from the organic matter in them. These subsequently migrated until they were trapped in reservoir rocks and structures, thus accumulating to form today’s oil and gas deposits.


    Turkey and pig slaughterhouse wastes are daily trucked into the world’s first biorefinery, a thermal conversion processing plant in Carthage, Missouri. On peak production days, 500 barrels of high-quality fuel oil better than crude oil are made from 270 tons of turkey guts and 20 tons of pig fat.

  20. ignoramus_the_great Says:

    Interestingly I wonder what the atheists have to say about it. Atheists have never founded a theory explaining the universe’s scientific creation. The Big Bang Theory was first formulated by Georges Lemaitre, an associate of Einstein, and a Christian priest. What’s the name of the theory formulated by atheists?

  21. Filida Says:

    There is no "Christian" explanation for petroleum, because Christianity deals with God and humanity’s relationship with God and with our fellow man, not with scientific theories or methods.

    Creationists, on the other hand, who are Christians that hold to a certain belief about the age of the world, may explain it within their theory of creationism.

    Most Christians are not creationists, so you might want to address your question to "Creationists."

  22. guess who? Says:

    Young earth creationist are all DUMB morons,anyone who believes that shit is a fucking idiot.

  23. HeLovesUsAll Says:

    Its Petroleum, created when it was created and used by man for things created by man. 6000 years was 6000 years, time itself, another creation of man 😉 Love – D

  24. Grunting Caterpillar Says:

    When you say "Christians" can you be more specific?
    Except for very few fundamentalist type sects, I believe most Christians don’t see a conflict between Genesis and the prevailing theories of slow evolutionary processes.

    The only significant difference being the question of a Supreme Intelligence vs. random accidents to create all that exists.

    You question strongly implies disdain for opinions other than your own, yet I’d challenge you to explain the origin of the simplest life form in an intelligent manner. As yet, no proponent of the accidental universe belief has managed to do it.

  25. Allegory Says:

    earthy and non eternal

  26. Exodus 20:1-17 Says:

    And your proof is…?


    This video will scientifically demonstrate that your thesis is actually untrue.

    GOD bless

  27. Suffice to say... Says:

    I think it is save to say it is part of the strong delusion mentioned in the verse below

    2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 (KJV)
    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  28. Frizby Says:

    Who says petroleum oil cant be produced in less than 6000 years?..

  29. Duffy Moon Says:

    petroleum is a fossil fuel, meaning that it formed as a result of the deaths of organic things, and the time necessary to complete the transformation from organic decay to a fossil fuel is measured in millions of years. However, the millions of years could be a period of time other than what you and I are aware of. The book of Genesis begins with "In the beginning…" and it is referring to our beginning but it doesn’t exclude the possibility of other beginings that could have occurred over a incomprehensibly vast period of time. The Earth is periodically destroyed by inevitable cataclysmic disasters. Each destruction is a global amnesia event and there will be no concept of time or history before the event occurred. That is why no one knows how the pyramids were built, or the structures at Puma Punku, or the lines at Nasca, etc etc.

  30. Paul Says:

    God created it when he created the earth.

    You say it cannot be produced within 6000 years, have you conducted a 6000 year long experiment and monitored the rate of conversion under laboratory conditions and have some other 6000+ year old scientist confirmed your findings?

    Thought not.

    Ultimately your basing your views on belief the same way christians are. I would even go so far as to speculate that the only way you "know" it took millions of years for organic life forms to become fossil fuels is because your teacher told you so and you believe him or her. Can you even give me the methodology of the reaction? If you knew anything about chemistry you would know that the speed of a reaction is not a constant but is affected by the size of the particles, pressure, temperature and the presence of a catalyst.

    The presence of fossil fuels do not prove the earth is millions of years old.

    Radioactive carbon dating of those fossil fuels on the other hand… now that’s another story. It’s the radio carbon 14 dating as well as dating from other radioactive isotopes, these are the best sort of "evidence" that the earth is far more than 6000 years old. Arguments form plate tectonics is also fairly strong. Again though they are not without counter arguments and are far from conclusive.

    Why don’t you just respect everyone’s views?

  31. robert C Says:

    "thou are petrified and from this petrified rock i will build my empire called the oil industry"

  32. Anthony Says:

    QUOTE: "I mean its organic and very very old! It cannot produced within 6000 years!"

    Well you never know, maybe it took a bit longer than 6,000 years if that’s the case.