What is the current price of Harley Davidson Syn 3 oil ?

Have 55,000 miles on the bike, but haven't had to change the engine oil lately due to non use. Sorta lost track of prices.

4 Responses to “What is the current price of Harley Davidson Syn 3 oil ?”

  1. Choppy C Says:

    why not sorta go to the dealership and find out?

  2. TylerD Says:

    idk get a honda

  3. hd rider Says:


  4. John D Says:

    I think HD RIDER is pretty close, but I have to wonder why you want to run SYN 3? I have been running Spectro Platinum for the last two years, I too ran syn three in my engine but ran other synthetics in Primary and Tranny. I still run synthetics in all three but have used aftermarket stuff. I believe the last bottle of Spectro ran me $8-9 ber quart. I get a good oil at a better price, it states right on the bottle that it is "formulated for use in V-Twins".
    I have not noticed any heat difference, and my oil seems to be cleaning and cooling just as well as the HD stuff. But I agree with Choppy, why not just go or call a dealership, I am sure they can tell you.