What is the difference between chemical engineering and petroleum engineering?

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  1. Mark K Says:

    Petroleum is a specific branch of chemical engineering, specializing in the breaking of hydrocarbon chains found in crude oil, it also involves the mixing, blending & removal of impurities required to achieve the various finished products. Everything from plastic, bitumen, diesel, propane & much more.

  2. biire2u Says:

    Petroleum is a branch of chemical engineering. It is only interested in the chemicals that are obtained from cracking crude oil. So the jobs are mostly in the refineries.

    Chemical Engineer is for all chemicals, petroleum and industrial chemicals. Petroleum Engineers are just specialized chemical engineers.

    It is similar to a mechanical engineer and the specialized version of aeronautical engineer where the mechanical engineer specializes in aircraft.

    Read this link , it is really good about all the different engineers and what they do and get paid:


  3. dawgdays Says:

    Petroleum engineering is a subdiscipline of chemical engineering.