what is the difference between natural gas and lp?

My husband and I are looking to buy a weber and are not sure what the difference in availability and price as well as the quality of heat produced by both natural gas and lp. We have a charcoal weber currently and fathers’ day is fast approaching. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Controlfreak38 Says:

    They both burn almost the same but the big difference is that natural gas is delivered through you home’s gas system while LP (propane) comes in a refillable tank. LP takes more work down the road, Refilling the tank, but natural gas will have a much higher install cost because it has to be connected to your home’s gas system. Unless you are a very competent plumber you will have to hire someone and that is not cheap. Connecting gas piping is not for amateurs because the cost of a mistake can be deadly.

  2. rottendog93 Says:

    Go with the LP, more portable.

  3. blackheart_987 Says:

    Natural gas in natural, deep in the ground, and has to be piped to you, LP is Liquefied Propane, made from oil gas. that is compress, and you get it in tanks. small to large.I am not sure what a weber is, as to a car guy, it is a carburetor, But if you mean a out door grill. Go. with propane. When you buy a gas stove you can get it jetted for one or the other.

  4. shadow wolf Says:

    the difference of LP and natural gas is LP can be bottled natural not doesn’t work that well
    if you have LP or Natural already piped to your house you can use that but then you are stuck as to where you will be cooking
    if you think you might want to move the grill around you would be better off with the LP if it is going to be a permanent install either would work since they cook close to the same

  5. Dean C Says:

    Contolfreak38 pretty much covered it.

    If you already have natural installed at your house, then it shouldn’t be too hard to run a line off the meter to hook to the grill. If you don’t have it already installed, it is way to expensive to do just to hook up a grill. The best option otherwise would be to go with the Propane.

    Quality of heat is not an issue. If it is a 50,000 BTU cooker with natural it is the same on propane. If you go with natural you probably will have to order it. Most grills come for propane.

    Good luck and happy grilling