what is the difference between petroleum and petrochemical engineer?

i am a sophomore student and my department is divided into 2 majors ( petroleum and petrochemicals ) and i am little confused about my choice . I hope you can help me with suggestions and what shall i do?

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  1. oil field trash Says:

    A petroleum engineer is interested in determining the amount of oil and gas in a given reservoir and how to best recover as much of it as possible.

    A petrochemical engineer is interested in converting petroleum into useful products ranging from gasoline to plastics and other chemicals.

    These two disciplines are on opposite ends of the chain for petroleum and are not really related in terms of working together. They do however have some courses in college that are the same or very similar.

  2. Omar Says:

    Petroleum engineering is related to exploration of oil &gas while petrochemical is related to purification and manufacturing of petroleum products like gasoline,diesel,karosene oil from crude oil.