what is the effect to a 'tenancy agreement' made by previous landlord to the new landlord and the tenant?

A(lanlord) entered into an agreement with B(tenant),
A sells the property to C
Does the tenancy agreement still binds between C and B?

my second question is…

if the agreement says that the tenure will be automatically renew every 3 years subject to 2 months notice if the tenant does not wish to continue. and there is nothing in the agreement that says that the lanlord can terminate the agreement unless in case of breach of contract. i believe this agreement is badly drafted because it didnt gives right to the owner of the land at all and i believe that it is void but anyhow the issue is how to terminate this agreement since the effect is made permanant. (this q is related to d above one, C would like to terminate the tenure but stuck with the agreement)

Common law please. thanks
One Step Ahead-you did not answer my q at all.

4 Responses to “what is the effect to a 'tenancy agreement' made by previous landlord to the new landlord and the tenant?”

  1. PennyLeeD2 Says:

    It sounds like the term of the lease is 3 years. If so, give notice to the tenant that the lease will end at the end of the term without being renewed.

  2. dncrprncss1787 Says:

    Any contracts (i.e. leases) which were signed by the previous owner are binding upon the new owner unless the contract itself states otherwise. "C," the buyer of the house, should have done his due diligence and discovered the poorly written lease before buying the house.

  3. One Step Ahead Says:

    You should mail a certified letter to the new owner and voice your option about the original agreement. Let them know that you are not satisfied and you would like to terminate your lease.

    I am sure that you will get a response from the new owner. In California a owner can give you a sixty notice to move without a reason. No owner wants a tenant to live there and not be satisfied because you will be complaining to the other tenants.

  4. gafpromise Says:

    Yes, the tenancy agreement is still binding.