What is the function of a biochemist in a petroleum industry /company?

Can a biochemist work in an oil firm?

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  1. revolutionman1379 Says:

    Not really, you would need to do organic chemistry or eology to really help them find oil or process oil better.

    Biochemistry is about looking at how Chemistry and Biology interact in nature, eg. Photosynthesis is part of biology yet is also a complex chemical reaction

  2. Noel Says:

    how about researching bio-fuels like E-85?

  3. skypilot5973 Says:

    The function of a chemist in a petroleum company is to discover better and cheaper ways of refining petroleum, thereby saving the company money and increasing profit.

    You would really need to study earth sciences (geology, etc) and industrial chemistry to do this kind of work, not biochemistry.

  4. tomboe66 Says:

    study the function of bacteria in petroleum products

  5. muralee_krish20 Says:

    It can be used how to treat byproducts which are generated in the industry and how safely it can be introduced into the environment.

  6. Etyben Says:

    Biochemists are very important in the petroleum Industries accross the globe. They play a very huge importants in d aspect of Bioremediation during oil spills, involve in EIA to investigate d level of criteria pollutants and their influences on human health, they perform HSE services, Consults many oil companies on the best performed biocatalists(enzymes) for oil refining. There are great benefits (yet to be explored) of biochemistry in the the oil Industries

  7. ebenny Says:

    a biochemist plays a good role in petroleum industries, such as taking petroleum samples and investigating its effect on human, proffering possible solutions to its effect in order to prevent mutation during oil spillage on affected humans.