what is the likely hood of dying in iraq as a petroleum specialist?

Our Sgt"s wont talk about that with us so i thought i would ask somebody so what do you think?

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  1. trazel187 Says:

    What are you serious? See people thought I was crazy for asking my last question an hour ago.
    No, you are not going to die no more if you have this job or that. We aren’t working for Shell, Mobil or Halliburton over there. There are troops helping protect pipelines along with the Iraqi government in south, but it’s safe there and no one has attacked that area in a while.
    You might be driving a fuel truck (civvies do alot of it now) or will probably be working on a base at a fuel point sitting in a shed walking out to vehicles and having them sign for gas. You’ll check the level and maintain equipment (just like your job description). You might have civvies with you and some of the jobs could be theirs. The hours could long and boring, but you will have to be on your toes because is the fuel depot catches on fire….

    Anyway, calm yourself and everything will be explained to you. Thats what we are here for, but your NCOs and officers aren’t hiding any secret knowledge from you. Your aren’t going in on D-Day.

    Be safe and take care!

  2. uhgrant100 Says:

    Overall, the casualty rate in Iraq has been about 1%.

    Thats including wounded.

    There have been about 3 million troop rotations to Iraq ever since the begining. There has been about 30,000 wounded or killed. Roughly 1%.

    My division in Iraq had about 20,000. We had only about 280 killed or wounded. That was in the Suni Triangle too.

    If you are up north in the Kurdish areas, the chances get even smaller.

  3. Blessed21 Says:

    Your MOS doesnt matter. Soon as u leave the wire u have a chance of not making it back. Some camps are even attacked. Just remember your battle drills and follow ur chain of command’s orders. U will be as ok as u can be.

  4. Joe T Says:

    Your chances will vary as the situation over there varies.

    Personally I’m amazed the insurgents haven’t launched all out attacks on petrol supplies. But maybe they are just incompetent to doso.

    Anyway, keep in mind that if it’s YOU that gets killed, the casualty rate is….let’s see…..oh yeah, it’s 100%

  5. USDrill Says:

    The likelihood of dying on ANY battlefield depends on whether or not a projectile enters your body. Be VERY careful believing statistics my friend.