What is the Mother Hubbard Clause?

hpim0409Mother Hubbard Clause:

Answer Provided by: Westley Lohmann

In the Oil and Gas Lease the Mother Hubbard Clause is such that it covers not only the main property, but also any and all adjacent and/or contiguous properties of the property owner.

For instance, if Mr. Hurst owns 15 acres of property that he is willing to sign with Land Services, but also has a 1 acre easement to the West, and 5 acres to the North, the easement, as well as the additional 5 acres that he has title to is also subject to the Lease to which he is signing. There are times that the the property owner is unaware of the exact meaning to the Mother Hubbard Clause and as such may, if the need arises where the Oil and Gas Co. needs to access said additional properties for drilling etc…, be quite unhappy. The Mother Hubbard Clause is usually within the first couple of paragraph and is stated similar to “this lease covers all lands owned by lessor, adjacent or contiguous to the described lands”.

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