What is the percentage of petroleum byproduct in aspirin?

Can anyone find me an exhaustive list of petroleum percentages in consumer products, such as aspirin or other synthetic medications / foods?

One Response to “What is the percentage of petroleum byproduct in aspirin?”

  1. Chad Says:

    If I understand your question correctly, my best guess is that most aspirin is produced entirely from petroleum byproducts.

    The salicylic acid in acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin) could be isolated from renewable sources like the willow tree. Wikipedia, however, says it is produced from the carboxylation of phenol. The acetyl part would be derived from acetic acid, which comes from methanol and the Monsanto acetic acid process. All these feedstocks are derived from petroleum. Unfortunately, even chemicals that can be produced renewably are often not, as the petroleum byproduct methods are cheaper and well established.

    As for an exhaustive list, sorry that doesn’t exist. The information on how chemicals are produced industrially is very difficult to come by.