What is the possibility that the new Electric cars coming of line is dropping the price of Oil ?

Could it be the announcement of such things as the Chev. Volt and the new process of producing 20,000 gallons of oil per acre caused this turn around, if so lets keep the pressure up till we make Chavez cry. Twenty dollars a barrel is possible.

7 Responses to “What is the possibility that the new Electric cars coming of line is dropping the price of Oil ?”

  1. Bullfrog21 Says:

    Google Lindsey Williams click on the Video link sit back for an hour and watch what fools the American People are for trusting ANY of the politicians in Washington. But of course it is really much too late.

  2. TG Says:

    It may drop the price of oil, maybe a penny. But it will be offset by the increase in electrical costs. Power is power and the bottom line is that in the US most of that power comes from non-renewable resources.

    86% of US energy consumption comes from fossil fuels while Nuclear and renewable resources make up the other 14%. So whether you plug the car into the wall or run it on gas, the energy is still coming primarily from expensive fuels. Furthermore, the volt only runs for 40 miles before it has to start using gas…its a start, but not even close to the right direction we need to be going.

  3. Mirriam M Says:

    There isn’t a chance in the world for any alternative energy. The oil people will simply manipulate the moment to keep their upper hand in the market.

    They are in control and aren’t about to let go.

    The electric car doesn’t really solve any problem anyway. You still have to make the electricity to power it, and that will still be oil, coal and nukes.

    And meanwhile there are the rusted hulks of a bunch of ocean thermal turbines, built forty years ago in the gulf of mexico by TRW… potentially capable of generating enough wattage to power the gulf coast. A testiment to progress thwarted by thye people who refuse to step aside for progress.

  4. TedEx Says:

    Before we have electric cars in every garage, I’d like to ask a question. OK?

    It’s 6PM, and millions of electric car owners are now going to plug in their electric cars to recharge. Remember- millions of them!~
    What happens???

    Down goes every electric generating station between Boston and Washington DC, and the result is the biggest power failure in the history of man.

  5. Owen Newitt's duck Says:

    No. The severe reduction of gasoline purchases by the American consumer (an endangered species) caused the price of crude to start back down. The oil companies shut down production last week to slow the decline, but there has never been a shortage. That has just been fool’em talk by the Republicans.

  6. smedrik Says:

    We still actually burn a lot of fuel to create electricity.

    It really won’t matter with electric cars or none. We need to look at the way we produce energy, not the way we fuel our cars.

    Motor vehicles are actually a small portion of petroleum consumers, your home, industry and agriculture are the largest consumers or petrol products. Electric cars may make you feel a warm and fuzzy however they do not address the issue, they just shift the way your vehicle consumes oil.

  7. blitzblog Says:

    The price of oil is manipulated by the World Bank and the IMF. They can make it $11 a gallon or $200 dollars a gallon. Go to your search engine and look up Lindsey Williams and you will get an education in reality.

    My bad . That would be $11 a barrel or $200 a barrel.