what is the possible outcome of the future for gasoline or petroleum?

they are going to be finished in a couple of decades, so what other options we got to substitue the fossil fuels?

6 Responses to “what is the possible outcome of the future for gasoline or petroleum?”

  1. Divine C Says:

    biofuels can replace petroleum, there are different source of feedstocks that can be used to produce biofuels. at present many countries have already mandated the use of biofuels not only to replace petroleum but to respond to pollution problems caused by burning of fuels

  2. Robert A Says:

    Where did you get the idea that petroleum is going to be finished in a couple of decades. Certainly the price is likely to go up and we likely won’t be using as much as we do now but production is still likely to be very significant. Hopefully more efficient vehicles, biofuels, hydrogen and electric cars together with carbon sequestration and renewable and nuclear power generation will mean that life much as we know it now will go on.

  3. yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo Says:

    maybe renewable energy sources such as windmills and biofuels!

  4. embroidery fan Says:

    Wind power, solar energy, water power, coal, nuclear….

  5. Boliver Bumgut Says:

    gasoline future bad, petroleum good. We will always find many uses for vaseline. (smear it on your face when spray painting, and you can wipe your face with a washcloth and wha-lah, it’s clean).

  6. doubt slayer Says:

    Petroleum is not gonna be finished in a few decades.But in the future petroleum will be substituted by electricity in electric engines & hydrogen will be used widely as fuel in fuel cells.