What is your most memorable hunt?

I love a good hunting story. I’m sure you do too. So, what is your most memorable hunt?I know that over time you have new experiences and sometimes you will have a more memorable moment. I looked up some of the stories on YA discover and read some of them, so if any have changed here’s the time to tell it. I will tell you mine.

I was up in NY hunting the foothills of the Catskill. I was hunting on the ground, because the land owners didn’t want any treestands used. So respecting the landowners wishes, we of course abided. I was sitting on an old stone fence and this little doe walked within range. I watched her a little while, and then out of nowhere came this bobcat. It’s head was covered in blood and it walked up to about 20 ft from me before seeing me, and made one HeLL of a noise. The little doe took off, and as I watched the bobcat leave, I look back towards where I had seen the doe, out comes a very nice 8 point. It was too bad, because we had a hard year hunting that year, and it was the last day I could get a hunt in that season, and I had tagged on a spike the week before. So, I had to let it walk, then as right behind him came a nice doe, and since I only had a doe tag left, I decided that this one was a shooter. I pulled up, took aim, and BOOM! She starts running. She ran about 50 yards, turned and came right for me. She died about 3 ft from me, making her run about 70 yards. I stood really still to make sure she wasn’t getting back up, and just watched her for about 20 minutes. Then I got up the courage to check if she had expired yet, and she had. When I drug her back to camp, I was worn out! I don’t know what her weight was, but my hunting partner was wide eyed amazed. I took her to the processor that night on my way home, and when she was strung up next to a fine 10 point, she easily out sized him. The hook was almost ceiling high, and her head was dragging the floor. Talk about a hunting day, everything was awesome!


8 Responses to “What is your most memorable hunt?”

  1. super61 Says:

    Calling a fox in off the far hill. One shot one kill. 264 yards
    It wasn’t a great shot just the fact I called the fox in in the first place.

  2. Bob-O- woods Says:

    the one where I actually got something………….LOL!

  3. Sweetdaddy Rex Says:

    I was raised in the country, and with guns/hunting. After coming back from my 3 rd. tour of duty in VietNam, I went deer hunting. I was sitting in a blind, and a nice 6 point buck appeared about 90 yrds. from me. I immediately got him in my cross – hairs. I watched him for a few seconds, then suddenly I had no desire to kill that animal . I yelled at him, and he took off. I have not been hunting since ! I still target shoot, and shoot skeet, and I love to fish.

  4. rhcrippin Says:

    My most memorable hunt was my first pronghorn hunt. My wife and I were glassing this really nice hill covered in sagebrush when this beautiful goat crests the top of the hill. My wife pulled out the range finder and told me that it was 398 yds. I looked through the scope waited for a spot and then fired. I looked up and the goat was gone. I was so mad until my wife just said he dropped. it was an instant kill.

  5. Elk Prophet Says:

    I’m growing up in a little town outside of one of the best hunting in the US amd i love trackin’ down some gobblers, turkey season is just 4 days after my birthday, and god love it i’ve had so much fun. Nothin’ more fun than a big ol’ gobbler struttin’ his stuff like he is a big shot. Heart skips a beat every time.

  6. tiff Says:

    Welcome home sweet daddy..God bless

  7. brddg1974 Says:

    My most memorable hunt was when we were water fowling on the east coast. Calling in a flock of Canada geese and having them locked into your decoys, 20 ft up, 15 to 25 yds out and back peddling is as thrilling as having a big buck walk into your stand. What made this particular hunt my most memorable was that my oldest son (13 yrs old at the time) bagged his first bird, a 19 lb greater canada. I myself never even fired a shot that day.

  8. Mr. Gregg Andrews Says:

    Sweetdaddy: That was a great story. I’ve sometimes had that feeling too (you get a nice looking animal in your sights… and then you go into an internal moral struggle…)

    Most memorable? Out on my 100 acre plot of land when I was around 15-16 years old. Had my Krag, and somehow found myself 15 or so feet away from Mr. Mountain lion.

    Blew through a 5 round internal magazine with superhuman speed (PANIC!!!)… also blew a hole through the back of my underwear and jeans…

    Learned my lesson.