What kind of area should a prefer to buy a ranch in Texas?

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i know that some ranches in Texas are going to be sold. What kind of area should i prefer to buy?

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  1. godged Says:

    Any day of the week, ranches will be sold.

    You keep mentioning this website, perhaps you are just spamming it here?

  2. Appalachian Mtn Girl Says:

    Hill country area is where I would :)

  3. Texperson Says:

    Currently, west Texas is having a prolonged drought and heat wave which is causing ranchers to have to sell their heard too early and quit keeping cattle as there is very little available for the cattle to eat. So before you buy any available land in Texas, visit the site and see what the conditions are. This drought has gone on for a long time and you may have to hold useless land for years.

  4. kemperk Says:

    if you do not hire a real estate agent is signs a BUYER’S AGENCY AGREEMENT with you,
    you are begging for problems.