what kind of price range will a new boiler run?

I know there are to many options and factors to consider when it comes to which boiler to choose for the house, but i just need an idea. for a new natural gas boiler to heat an 1800 sq ft house is this like a 5K range or like a 10K range?

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  1. fireguy Says:

    holy cow don’t listen to the first guy. way off and very expensive. for a 1800 square foot house, depending on where you live and the efficency of the house a 125btu or 150btu boiler should be adequate. you should be somewhere in the 5k range. a boiler swap is fairly straight forward for an experienced installer and if you don’t need new valve, gas piping or flue they should be able to do it in a day. call around and get multiple estimates. then when you find a contractor and price that you can live with try haggeling on the price. no prices are set in stone. just make sure that they write down everything they are going to do and what they are charging for he complete job.

    good luck

  2. Babalu G Says:

    I can tell you’re very inexperienced and being a homeowner is a new and tough role for you. Thats fine. You’ll need to learn these things sooner or later. It’s almost annoying to read these kinda questions on here… but anyways, I would suggest not paying over 10K for a new one seeing as roughly 70% of new boilers will be obsolete within 3 to 17 years from now. Have you researched the new Jorgen boilers coming out of Sweden? They’re dirt cheap and often DON’T require a monthly count. Good luck… you’re gonna need it champ!

  3. hawk1151 Says:

    if youre doing a direct replacement where the gas pipes are there youre looning at 4500- 6000. thats the standard in the industry. if you live anywhere in long island i can do it for you