What lip balm contains petroleum jelly or works the best?

I have been searching for many different lip balms that suit my lips. I heard that ones that have petroleum jelly in them work the best.

Do you know of any that have that? Any recommendations for good lip balms? Also, do you know where I can buy Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1?

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  1. styleadvice Says:

    Vaseline is by far the best lip balm, aslong as you use a little amount so that it doesn’t look too greasy, and it has petroleum jelly.

    You can but Kiehl’s lip balm here:

    Shops that stock Kiehl’s lip balm are:
    Kiehl’s stores, store finder here: http://www.kiehls.com/_us/_en/stores/index.aspx?default=true


    Hope i’ve been of some help, good luck :)

  2. - Siaan :] Says:

    Vaseline Has Petroleum Jelly In It, And It Works Really Well, Most People Shun It And Says It Doesn’t Because Its Not An Actual Lip Gloss, But Its A Lip Balm And Works Really Well For Your Lips, And Keeps Them Mosturiesed Through Out The Day :].
    I Would Definitly Recomened You Trying It, Its Really In Expensive Aswell, You Can Buy It From Most Chemists Or Stores Such As Boots Or Superdrug, And Even Supermarkets :].

    I Hope This Helps.
    Good Luck xx

  3. amylinaballerina Says:

    Vaseline lip balm is good. comes in a small tin and is only about 99p. i swear by is. its clear so you can put it over the top of lipsticks or just on your lips.
    chapstick is good too. i like the cherry one but you can all different flavours. :)

  4. Just Sarah Says:

    Try the lip balm from LA Minerals. They are like $3.95 and have really good ingredients. The moistureizing lasts for hours before you need to put on more. I LOVE them.