What region of the world is petroleum found?

What region of the world is petroleum found in?

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  1. Asclepius Says:

    Petroleum is just the compressed remains of old forests and sea bottoms and feeding grounds from millions of years ago. Consequently it is found everywhere.

    Just about everywhere.

    China, Bohai Bay

    Middle East in the obvious places.


    Alaska, heavily worked in Prudeau Bay.

    South America, The greatest quantities are located in the sedimentary materials surrounding Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo and the adjacent Caribbean coastal margin. Venezuela also has major deposits of oil and natural gas in the area surrounding El Tigre.

    I hope someone has heard of Texas and Oklahoma, they have lots of petroleum and natural gas.

    In other words everywhere.

  2. Evan B Says:

    middle east primarily

  3. jim z Says:

    Every region, primarily near plate boundaries and not near recent volcanism.

  4. Zasu Says:

    From Alaska to Russia to Malaysia and the Middle East, Gulf of Mexico, South America .. it’s everywhere, man.

  5. Harold SustainLane.com Says:

    Seemingly everywhere, but concentrated in only a few countries these days. Here’s who’s exporting over 1 million barrels per day of oil as of 2006, according to the US Department of Energy:

    Saudi Arabia
    United Arab Emirates

    Not all of these countries are _net_ exporters of over 1 million bpd. Who _actually_ has the most left in the ground? I’d say…
    Saudi Arabia

    And for extra credit, see:

  6. Mister2-15-2 Says:

    It’s found in every region with possible exception being North and South Pole. It only found in sufficient quantity to make grilling for it very lucrative in few locations. Biggest known reserves are in United Arab Emeritus. First oil well was in PA. First oil drilling patch most likely was in Texas. Other known reserves are in Alaska, Gulf coast, Red Sea. if interested good history can be found in the book The Prize.

  7. Kevin Says:

    All over, a lot is found in the Middle East and a lot is also found in the Gulf of Mexico.

  8. golf Says:

    Any where that your drill can reach.

  9. chattterus Says:

    Everywhere. And if you look for other ways that oil substances occur you may as well pick a spot on the ground and sit. There is bound to be something under where you are sitting that can be converted into oil.

  10. libarata Says:

    anywhere in the world, just abunch of hydro-carbons N stuff

  11. TeFa!!! Says:

    you can found it in middle asia, northern mexico, southern usa, argentina, venezuela, rusia, almost on any region

  12. Isti H Says:

    A lot of places but the big one is in the middle east.

  13. felowdude Says:

    The most amount comes from Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries.it could also be found in Siberia coz of fossil fuels in Alaska and Russia you could find some in Scandinavia