What should I major in petroleum, mechanical or chemical engineering?

I’m a senior in high school that does not know what to major in. I really like math (currently taking Calculus B.C) , but my parents won’t let me major in math. The only way I can major in math is if I get a double major in math and engineering. So, my question is what engineering degree uses a lot math where I would be able to get a double major?

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  1. oil field trash Says:

    The amount of math courses in college are basically the same for all engineering disciplines. If you must do a double degree then choose the engineering discipline that you feel you have the most interest in and as well a ability.

    I personally think chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering are the best choices since they are the main stream disciplines which would give you the best chance of finding work if you aren’t able to fully develop you math choice.

    As as matter of interest, math majors are in high demand in today’s technical market because of the expanded use of computers for so many activities.