What should I major in petroleum, mechanical or chemical engineering?

I’m a senior in high school that does not know what to major in. I really like math (currently taking Calculus B.C) , but my parents won’t let me major in math. The only way I can major in math is if I get a double major in math and engineering. So, my question is what engineering degree uses a lot math where I would be able to get a double major?

3 Responses to “What should I major in petroleum, mechanical or chemical engineering?”

  1. MAX Says:

    I suggest you electrical or mechanical engineering if you like to have a lot of math at your desk each time (electrical may be more math, mechanical may be more interesting and may be broader, coz I’m a mech. eng. myself 😀 ).

    But i would say that things may change as you come up, math in engineering is not math for math, but is more to be math for its application.
    moreover, in last years, and specially in postgraduate studies, the researches might become to challenging and tough. They will not be always as easy of a high school equation. So I would suggest you to consider other factors in your choice as well. for example check the reputation of your desired university in each of these majors, check to see if you like the potential working atmosphere of any of these and the most important of all, the financials!

  2. TJ Says:

    Hmmm I really don’t know but wanted to suggest that you check out electrical engineering. There is A LOT of calculation the goes into determining wire size. ampere load capacity, fault current rating, etc.

  3. M.Jafar Says:

    There’s not much math in petroleum engineerin. Both mechanical and electrical would have. You might also check civil engineering, which is a very interesting subject. You do calculations to build bridges , roads, buildings, etc.