What step should i take to become a petroleum engineer after highschool?

what courses should i take in college, basically how do i become a petroleum engineer. step by step information on how to become a petroleum engineer right after high school, i dont really need an overveiw of what petroleum engineer is, or what they do, or salary ect.. if you can provide a link to where you got this info. that would be great, thanks in advance.

2 Responses to “What step should i take to become a petroleum engineer after highschool?”

  1. Pal Says:

    You research engineering schools that offer majors in petroleum engineering, you get the grades, you apply, you work your ass off for the best grades and hope the positions are there when you are done with your masters degree.

  2. Paul Says:

    These are links to the top petroleum engineering curriculum aka classes you will have to take. There isn’t a "step-by-step" instruction book. It’s pretty cut and dry. You choose a college, you go there, you get a degree. Work hard in HS to you don’t have to work 23768164289715896times harder in college because you spent all of HS goofing off