What type of oil is the most similar to crude oil?

I’m doing a project about oil spills and I would like to find oil that is the most similar to crude oil. Gasoline? Vegetable oil? Used motor oil? Olive oil? Etc.

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  1. oil field trash Says:

    Motor oil would be the most similar but it is still a far cry from typical crude oil. Crude oil in general contains many components much lighter than motor oil and some other much heavier than motor oil.

    If you mixed motor oil with gasoline, lighter fluid, a little butane and propane, kerosene and some road tar and asphalt then you would have crude oil.

  2. giovannimadapallil Says:

    Tar(the thing used to make the road)

  3. ICU Says:


  4. daSVgrouch Says:

    used motor oil is the best choice of the alternatives you provided

  5. Crashn87 Says:

    If you are just using it for a visual, used motor oil would probably be the closest. You could add other products to it to make it look more realistic based on what most people think of when it comes to crude. There are many crudes that are or almost solid at room temp and others that will almost boil but most people don’t think of those when they think of crude.