What was the price of Oil when Bush left office? and what is it now?

I wonder who is the one actually done something to lower the price of Oil?
I still remember well how Obama swore that he would do anything to lower the price of Oil.

what a liar!

8 Responses to “What was the price of Oil when Bush left office? and what is it now?”

  1. azz_tarcomed Says:

    On Jan 19,2009 gas in my area was 1.49 a gallon

    Today it is 2.54 a gallon

  2. Chewy Ivan Says:

    Yes, let’s all thank Bush for lowering the price of oil by wrecking the American economy with misguided policies and triggering the collapse of economies across the world. What a blessing he has been!

  3. brown9500.v9 Says:

    What was the price of oil when FDR left office and what was it during Bush’s term?

    Prices change dim-bulb.

  4. i worship obama Says:

    What was the unemployment rate when Bush left office and why is the God of unemployment Obama causing unemployment to skyrocket?

  5. Senor Magoo Says:

    I do not buy crude oil but the price of GASOLINE was $1.82 a gallon the day Bush left office. Today the average price of gasoline is $2.64 a gallon.

  6. RIP_GOP Says:

    It reached $4.00 a gallon while Bush* occupied the White House. Why don’t you give President Obama a chance? You don’t really have a choice. It’s not up to you; the people have spoken. The Bush* nightmare is over. A new era begins.

  7. joe d Says:

    40 years ago the democrats said we can’t drill here because it will take 10 years to get the gas out of the ground and to the pump and that isn’t fast enough.

    We stopped building Nuke plants. We stopped drilling our own oil. We stopped building oil refineries. We aren’t making sim fuel from coal or going after the oil shale out west.

    Basically we haven’t done anything for 40 years. And the usual answer is because it will take too long.

    We need a need Nuke plant in every state, maybe not Hawaii.

    We need tax incentives for converting coal to gas, called simfuel.

    We need tax incentives for getting the oil out of the shale in Colorado, utah and idaho.

    We need off shore drilling.

    We need 10 new oil refineries, in the US, not in Saidi Arabia.

    No one has the balls to what we really need to do.

  8. mommanuke Says:

    It’s not even a valid question. When oil was $135 a barrel in June 2008, I didn’t blame Bush, and I’m not going to blame Obama for the current $66 a barrel price.

    The President is not responsible for per barrel prices. That is a combination of speculation by commodities traders, unrest in the world, like Nigerian terrorists, demand, and a whole host of other things.