What will 8,800 barrels of petroleum do to a body of water?

For instance, when the MV Dona Paz collided with the oil tanker Vector, what kind of toll did it take on the environment?

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  1. Caretaker Says:

    You do good research. Congratulations.

    Oil seepage is a natural geological event and mother nature has the ability to neutralize the affects. However when huge amounts are introduced it overwhelms the natural resources. The primary effect is on water fowl and marine life. In mammals and birds, it destroys natural insulation , counter affects buoyancy, makes foraging for food more difficult and affects digestive systems. From the standpoint of marine life it primarily effects the food source but with luck they can migrate to an unaffected area. From a Geological standpoint, ss witnessed in Kuwait and the Valdez disaster, microbes will appear that consume the oil but it takes a long time.