what will Americans do about the price of GAS?

Gas to hit 4.00 a gallon in 2011!! What will American do as a nation to stop this giant LIE!! that our nation is running out of gas…How many more excuses do we have to listen to, to be forced to buy from the Foreign gas cartels.

We have loads of oil and other resources in the USA, always have had. so why on earth do we have to suffer with this? Why are we not drilling in the state of N. Dakota, where they have found a huge reserve? When are the so called Men of this nation that are supposedly in charge gonna be on the side of Americans,+ and what about the huge natural gas reserve in the Gulf??

Everyone in this nation that have been brain washed by al gore, You all need to wake up, or do you all have special preference over the price of gas (free gas cards?) and all the tree huggers that do not want drilling, can you all afford 4.00 + dollars a gallon for gas?, and that will not be the end price, it will continue to climb as you all become conditioned to the commies way.WAKE UP AMERICA, your being used and you can’t even see it, now that is really sad………
2012isou Did you even read what I posted???
chronos I agree, and for the few, we are not europe or the UK we are America with huge reserves of oil and natural gas, and way too many illegals, I do not know any one who does unnecessary driving?? Its so tight now most I know have given up the extra nice things we used to be able to do, like vacations, I have not been on one for a long time……..and I am not complaining………
Byron H yes you are right about that, money talks in this nation, ie. al gore a good example of the lying and money grabbing…………a real man isn’t he, a true American…LOL and how many more are there???? put them all together and what do we have?????
Emily!! again with other places and there gas prices, We are not them, we are the free world here……..you do not get my point!!
Lib women are ugly,,,,,,,,,,,LOL and how many sheep believe this, thanks for the answer, I believe you get my drift.thank you

22 Responses to “what will Americans do about the price of GAS?”

  1. R J Says:

    Well it was manipulated before and since Nancy Pelosi was on watch at that time she will know what to watch for now. See Goldman and Morgan Stanley paid their media people to hype it up as being a shortage and China was using it. many fell for it. Since deregulation no one had to keep a scrap of paper on what they did and how much they made off it.

    I’m sure our Congress will do something about it. But first they have to see the lobbyists. The lobbyists paid em $3.7 billion last year* and also employ their families. How nice and all above board you know as they voted it legal. millions go to each. Nancy is worth $21 million now. Sure she will be on top of it this time. But others in the house and Senate are worth more.

    Too bad we cannot do like all the other countries in the world and just pour the stuff on the ground. it’s funny we import from say Saudi arabia and they just let it run all over the place messing up the environment, but no we cannot even drill here as it might up set the spotted tail fuzzie wuzzie.

    Anyway when there are enough and the tiny electric cars roaming around watch electricity go sky high. Only in America!

    Oh yea by the way isn’t it BUSH"S fault? Ha, ha. By the way we have reserves they say to last another 60 years or more, how they came up with that who knows and it doesn’t include the millions of acres of shale oil which is profitable to harvest at $70 barrel. Also places in the country Europe tack a ton of taxes on there gas like the gentleman from England said there’s is high. What they do over there is charge about $7 or more a gallon now, but the gas costs the same as here but the rest is taxes. Here we have about 45 cents in taxes state and federal. We got tons of natural gas and off shore look out but once again we might have a bp, but the natural gas is safer. happy new year! By the way which senators four kids work for lobbyists? hint pawed Nancy.

  2. Crazy Larry Says:

    i’ll just continue driving my ’81 VW Rabbit; 50mpg for $500.

  3. Liberal women are Fugly Says:

    The genius Barack Obama said if we just put more air in our tires the world will be saved.

  4. FM 1960 Says:

    Well remember how the recession started with high gas prices? Just saying….

  5. Country Club Conservative Says:

    We do not have huge reserves that will last forever.

  6. 2012isours! Says:

    What do you suggest? everyone gather around with pitchforks?

  7. Jonny Utah Says:

    Try paying our UK prices per litre.

  8. chloe Says:

    We will pay it like we have in the past.

  9. Todd Parker Says:

    they pay more in Europe, but they also have a public transport infrastructure that we don’t have. To stop driving would require a complete cultural shift. Not gonna happen and the oil companies know the demand curve in the US is pretty inelastic.

  10. AmyK.♥ Says:

    There are alternatives to gas.

  11. scott b Says:

    That’s great. I hope it goes up to $10/gal. Then maybe people will start conserving, looking for alternatives, and put the oil companies out of business.

  12. Big Dan Says:

    Hopefully, cut down on driving. I don’t give a crap about the excuses used to drive the prices up. I know that prices will drop if we all stop unnecessary driving.

  13. Chronos Says:

    I predict that if gasoline does indeed hit $4.00/gal this year, incumbents will have a very hard time getting re-elected.
    If gasoline hits the predicted $5.00/gal, the incumbents will be EX-representatives.

    NOW is the time to remind the politicians that they are not our masters, they are our servants.

    We voted the Democrats out, we can vote out the Republicans too. We _will_ elect non-politicians if the experienced politicos continue in their refusal to listen to us.

    We need to have a "REMOVE INCUMBENT" option on the ballot.

  14. Casey Forrest Says:

    demand that the feds suspend the gas tax.

  15. Tinker Says:

    They will pay for it. Instead of demanding war reparations from Iraq in the form of oil!

  16. dcarpenter72 Says:

    Do as I usually do. Which is fill my tank 2 times per month. I don’t drive that far so my gas last for 2 weeks before refilling. My town is very small and has limited resource so I drive 15 miles one way per month to shop at walmart. I do manage and work with what I have to do more and with time management.

  17. All Knowing One Says:

    I just buy it. Seriously it’s only about $80 fill my truck.

  18. Byron Hawkinson Says:

    We are drilling in America and halve. The reason we stopped before was because the price we sold it for wasn’t high enough. But now China and other countries are in high demand for it. So the price is sky rocketing.
    A way we can help our own country is to demand that the government gives it to us for a lesser rate. and sells it over seas for a higher rate.
    But we don’t run our country.
    Money does.

  19. TSA agent giving me a pat down Says:

    The sheep will believe anything the government tells them.

    People say it just economics 101. Supply and demand thing. And they are right. The oil companies CONTROL the supply of oil being pumped, then they CONTROL how much of that oil is refined at one time, thus making a so call shortage exist and therefore higher gas prices at the pumps. Why would a company be willing to PRODUCE MORE OF THEIR PRODUCT JUST TO SELL IT FOR LESS?

    Fact: There was a big oil company here in the US that bought a small private oil refinery. When the bought it they promised they would not shut the refinery down. After it was sold, it was closed down in less that 30 days and 4 or 5 hundred people lost their jobs.


    Since a 4.00 gallon of gas will be a huge strain on our economy, why doesn’t our government step in and do something like drill for more oil?

    Because the majority of the elected white collar crime family that sits on capitol hill, owns stock in the OIL COMPANIES.

    WAKE UP………..
    can you all say BBBBAAAAA……………

  20. Shane_ Says:

    Gas prices always go up during winter. This is partially due to the fact that a significant percentage of petroleum comes from Alaska. Winter months cause transportation restrictions on the petroleum across the Great Lakes because of ice and other winter factors that restrict transport by vessels.

  21. Emily Says:

    I drive a fuel-efficient car (I get a good 45 miles a gallon on the highway in my 2002 Saturn), which I keep maintained and up to date (which even though I have 260,000 miles on it, keeps it going just as well as ever). I do own a large truck as well, but it is not my "daily driver" by any means. It is for hauling horses, hay, etc. as needed… so the bad gas mileage doesn’t really matter in terms of the money I spend.

    When I do need to purchase a new daily driver vehicle, it will be a hybrid. Or, if they have improved the technology, electric.

    Fact of the matter is, there is a finite amount of oil on this planet. Simply saying "drill more" is asinine. We should be investing the time and money into improving alternative sources of fuel that are not only more efficient to produce, but also more environmentally friendly for the long haul.

    And, if you look at gas prices elsewhere, 4.00 a gallon really isn’t all that bad. The real issue is the fact that people (like yourself) seem to think the answer is "drill more" when in reality, the problem is the gas companies themselves, the futures market, and the price-setting that happens…

  22. Gratuitous game violence Says:

    Energy efficient cars will do the trick to foil evil oil speculators. They got us into the recession in the first place