What will Cap and Tax cost the US resident?

Because almost every industry and American uses some form of fossil fuel-based energy, the impact of an energy tax of this level will be disastrous to the American economy.

For example, The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis has found that by 2035 the Waxman-Markey bill will have the following economic impact:

* Reduce aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by .6 trillion
* Destroy up to 2.5 million jobs in some years
* Raise electric rates 90%, gasoline prices by 74%, and natural gas prices by 55% after adjusting for inflation
* Raise a typical family’s average annual energy bill by ,500


9 Responses to “What will Cap and Tax cost the US resident?”

  1. Coty Says:

    It will double the current price of energy.

    Aha ironic huh?
    Everyone screams for gov. healthcare to save around 200-300 a year. But now we have to pay anywhere from 800-1200 a year extra.

    It’s alright, good hard working America will pick up the welfare tab for both.
    Hell, welfare is looking damn good now, I might decide against continueing college.

    Yay for iresponsibilty!

  2. Live to Fish Says:

    It will cost him a 2nd term.

  3. Republic 2012 Says:

    It would raise the price of…..everything….to every American.

    No matter. Obama will be gone before 2012.

  4. krollohare2 Says:

    You left out the food products. Those cause carbon emissions too. Both the trash left over, which breaks down into detritis and the fuel used to help plant, grow and harvest the food.

    Therefore, double that estimate to $3000 a year.

  5. Dilligas Says:

    Just their jobs, homes, and everything they own.

  6. ACLU founded by Communists Says:

    Many people will die when they cant heat or cool their homes. This is a devastating proposal aimed at making monopolies richer

  7. Joe V. Says:

    I think the other countries that ship into the us should have to pay the tax. Leave us alone!

  8. Orion Says:

    Liberals won’t whine and cry about Cap and Trade until they lose their jobs, are evicted from their homes for not paying electricity bills and gas is seven dollars. Then maybe, just maybe, they will understand why liberal policies and the global warming fraud just aren’t realistic.

  9. Baraq is a terrorist Says:

    It will cost my home.

    baraq and modern "liberals" are pure evil.