What will happen after there is no more crude oil on the planet?

I’ve heard that the oil peak is going to be reached this or next year. And from here the amount of crude is going down. After all this is finished up, what will humans use? Crude is so reliable and easy to use. I can’t imagine a world with people relying on light and water as their everyday "gas". What is the world planning to do? I really hope scientists are coming up with ideas for things that could replace crude oil because its going to be all used up in 20-25 years!

2 Responses to “What will happen after there is no more crude oil on the planet?”

  1. Vincent G Says:

    Bio fuel.

    We will grow specially engineered plants that produce a lot of oil, extract the oil, and convert to gas.
    It will probably be more expensive than our current gas, but will we have any choice?

  2. Clay C Says:

    Coal will probably be used more than it is now, although it has a lot of bad environment effects. As time goes on we are going to have to change to a combination of biofuel, wind energy, nuclear power and solar cells and solar heat energy for producing electricity. It will cost more. As petroleum declines its cost will increase and the other power sources will become competitive costwise. People will probably have to get by with less power consumption