What will happen if the oil prices rise again to unexpected price?

The oil prices is rising again and again. Most of our daily process relies on oil. Will there be rise on properties, market, food . What can we do to prepare for this hike?

6 Responses to “What will happen if the oil prices rise again to unexpected price?”

  1. Davidicus Rex Says:

    Bike to work, eliminate urban sprawl, drive cars that use cleaner energy or are more fuel efficient or use hybrid whatever… And yes the increase in fuel prices will have a trickledown effect on everything because everything in the market relies on fossil fuels. As far as what we can do to prepare for this..? Increase the rate of your personal earnings faster than the rate of future inflation or learn to become frugal with everything. In either case, we’re going to have to get used to the realization that we can’t keep living the way have been and either we learn this lesson on our own or we have the outside forces of the world economy make us learn that lesson.

  2. lucky2bealive Says:

    You will pay more.

  3. the_silverfoxx Says:

    a lot of cars being parked?

  4. Pretty n Pink Says:

    then i think we should all start to ride bikes to work/school or anywhere else we need to go lol

  5. bigdaddy297814569 Says:

    bare and grin it, sounds like another depression is on the way.

  6. isawyoulaughing Says:

    We will become a healthier country because we’ll be riding bicycles and walking. Imagine a thinner and cleaner America.