What would be the ideal price of gas per gallon in US?

Please also consider the natural resources US has and assume US is independent producer of Gas and not importing from gulf.

Dont give the figure which makes you happy. I want the actual ideal figure.


13 Responses to “What would be the ideal price of gas per gallon in US?”

  1. USMC Says:

    $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon would be reasonable. Most countries are already paying twice as much as the U.S. I’m not sure what makes us think we are entitled to cheap gas when the market for oil is worldwide.
    If we truly want to bring down prices, we as consumers need to reduce consumption, considering most of the companies profits come from sheer mass volume vs profit margin.
    Yet many will pay $1.50 for 20oz. of bottled water in a plastic petroleum based bottle without giving it a second thought.

  2. Jeff Smoker Says:

    I fondly remember the $1.89 days.

  3. Lillian Says:

    .29 a gallon like it was when I was a kid.

  4. B.Kevorkian Says:

    Around $7, at that level, alternatives to gas-fueled vehicles become viable.

  5. dlk Says:

    Around $1.00………….a heck of a lot cheaper than it is now, that is a fact!!!! I say let them drill for gas on our soil, we have MORE than enough. It is going to be a long time before the alternatives come forth. Besides, producing "ethonol" actually takes more oil than we use at present, and would cause more smog, a fact folks.

  6. JD Says:

    We pay about NZD$1.78 here at present per liter.

    A friend who returned from the states worked out that would be about $10/Gallon in the US.

    Still not high enough to make me get out of my car, but I’m taking steps to use less where it doesn’t inconvenience me.

  7. Mattdude Says:

    There isn’t a single person on this board who could begin to come up with an ideal market price based on data. There are just too many factors to consider.

  8. ioerr Says:

    If you’re talking about controlling demand by jacking the price up?

    Why not just ration the stuff outright instead, and let us keep our g*d*mn money?

  9. italienne Says:

    $1.00 a gallon. Considering it takes a full 7 hours of work to fill many gas tanks; if you make less than $8 an hour and people still do in many states, it’s almost not cost effective to drive to work.

    When we hear it’s 50 cents a gallon in Bagdad and we are paying for them to have heat, electricity, etc. It’s just maddening.

  10. Pettyfan Says:

    I’d be happy with $2.50. Dropping $120 in my compact car’s gas tank a month isn’t fun.

  11. Everyone else is crazy...but me! Says:

    The "ideal" price of gas is whatever the market (made up of consumers and producers) arrives at as a result of freely made decisions to either buy or not buy, produce or not produce at various prices.

    No such thing as an "ideal price."


  12. pmach1 Says:

    OK! Gasoline could be sold at .50 cents per gallon and the oil company’s would still make mega mega profits! If you want proof of my assertion then look up how much the oil company’s earn per hour, it’s on the web. Just type in any search engine oil company/gasoline price/profit and you will be reading for days! Actually gasoline could be sold under .50 cents a gallon and still produce mega profits.

  13. Lilith D Says:

    Anything around $2.00 a gallon or so would make me VERY happy. I do not drive a gas guzzler, but I have a long commute. And I cannot afford the homes in the area where I work. Unless I want to live in the crime ridden, drug infested, gun shots fired every night neighborhood.