What would the approximent cost be to convert furnace from natural gas to electric?

Now let me first say, this is a serious question. I know i will need to hire an electrician to run the 220 wire. And I know I will need a new furnace. What I am wanting to find out is what would the price (a ballpark figure) be to buy a electric furnace.

And to anyone who says I am crazy, I am not. The current house I am in is electric but I am moving to my new house which is gas. I had gas heat about 7 years ago and the biggest bill I had was 0.00+ in the winter time. The highest electric bill I ever had was 0.00. So to me, electric is cheaper and cleaner.

Or would geothermal energy be good choice. Never tried that one and have no idea of the cost. The home is located within central indiana in the greenwood area.

4 Responses to “What would the approximent cost be to convert furnace from natural gas to electric?”

  1. MS Says:

    Why even bother?????

    Buy yourself a few high end electric space heaters and plug them in.

    You can get those convection E heaters that mount on the wall (and you can even paint them) for not too much, and augment your gas heat with them. A ceramic heater or other fancy "stick" electric heater, here and there, and you’re all set. Way cheaper than ripping out a perfectly good gas heater.

    Go HYBRID.

    Gas heat is a better deal nowadays than electric heat, having done both. Hybrid works best of all–use the gas to get to an acceptable temperature, and the electric to toast a specific area.

  2. Boo B Says:

    I have a co-worker that looked into and it was around $3000 to convert hardly worth the expense. I know what your saying though I have electric now and it is much cheaper.

  3. tzweeb Says:

    there is no way an electric heated houses can cost less than a gas heated house. gas cost about one half per heat unit then electric does. if you had that high of a gas bill then you had something wrong and it couldnt have been for more then one month.
    a geo-thermal unit is the most energy efficient unit you can get, but it will cost alot to install,maybe 10,000 and it may not pay back in the time you are in the home. maybe 20-30 years.
    but if you have a regular gas furnace, 90+ efficient, around 2,000 versus an electric heat pump, around 4,000 the heat pump may pay back in 10-15 years the difference in the cost of a new unit.
    so overall it depends on how long you will be in your home. less then 10 years, go with a 90+ gas furnace, over 10 then go with a heat pump, over 20 then maybe a geo-thermal will pay back.
    now as to which is cleaner, natural gas is the cleanest way to provide heat as electricity has to be created by burning coal and that creates pollution versus nat gas that comes into your home clean with no loss of, or use of energy to produce.

  4. mklwis Says:

    I don’t know what electricity and gas costs are in Indiana, but my guess is that gas is cheaper for heating, (unless all the energy used to create electricity comes from a dam). Contact your utility companies and ask them which is the cheaper way to go for whole house hearting.