What would you do in this situation (it’s a bit long)?

I already asked this in R&S, but I’m interested in your responses as well.

Here’s the case: there’s this old Muslim lady (Fata Orlovic, you can google her case, I’m not making this up) who was forced more than a decade ago to leave her home and all of her property because of the war (I’m from Bosnia). Anyway, she sought refuge somehwere else and when the war ended she came back to her village, to live on her family estate where she was born and where she grew up. And what does she find there? A church built in her courtyard, only a few yards away from her house. She is the legal owner of that land and naturally she wants her property back. And she wants the authorities to remove the church from her estate. Even though it’s certainly wrong and illegal to build something on someone else’s property, I have to admit that during times of war just about anything is possible and justified. Serbs, at the time they were building it, probably thought that they will win the war and that she would never come back there again. I know it’s a weak excuse, but I’m trying to see things from their perspective as well.

Anyway, she won the case in court, but the officials of the Orthodox Church refuse to remove it till they raise the funds for that. And they’ve been raising those for the past 9 years. Nine years, this lady has been waking up everyday to witness the obvious violation of her basic human rights. The authorities are messed up here, and other than lame promises of doing something, noone really acts. She has no children as far as I know and she’s very old, so I guess they’re waiting for her to die and to hush things up. She was even offered a few millions of Euros for that piece of land, but she refused the money even though it’s by far more than the worth of the land.

My question is, were you in a similar situation, would you except that enormous sum of money or would you continue fighting the battle?
AJ Nasser, she has all the support from Bosniaks, trust me. And the officials of the Islamic community in Bosnia have her back as well. It’s just that her village is a part of the Serbian part of the country and it’s basically up to their authorities to do something. Of course, it’s obvious that it’s in their interest not to act at all. I really feel for this woman. She said many times in her interviews that she has nothing against churches as a whole, since churches are God’s houses as well, but that she simply wants to take what’s hers.

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  1. USA Is An Atheist Nation Says:

    As an atheist, I would fight the battle. On principle, she is correct and the Orthodox Church knows they are wrong. Perhaps some wit can start raising a bulldozer fund in the village and other areas to show this is not going to be forgotten, and she cannot be bought off.

    So unlike the Methodists, who would have said "Excuse us please, we’ll remove the church and is there anything else we can do for you?" Even in Mississippi, the Methodist church across the street from me invites Hindus to use their facilities to celebrate holy days.

  2. likeness Says:

    Why didn’t she just take the money? She probably can buy a new apartment..??

    I probably take the money and go..
    These kind of authorities are hard to dealt with sometimes..
    Tho I have to say, isn’t is a bit cruel to do that to her?

  3. ʀεнαи Says:

    It all depends……………… i have to see the good sides and the bad sides before i can decide.

    but its really messed up for her.

  4. ♥αмιяαн☮ Says:

    I think its about principles. I would keep fighting my battle because I won’t be bribed, that’s just me though.

  5. !MOVE! Says:

    same answer as my other one.

  6. §.å.®.å Says:

    Well, I would suppose it has sentimental value for her. She grew up there, and spent most of her childhood there. The war deprived her of the right in living in her own country. I would be more attached to it than ever. There’s no place like home, and sometimes, people just want their homes to bring back those old memories again. I definitely feel her sorrow and pain in seeing something like a church on her own property depriving her of this right. She is old, and slowly deteriorating; if it was me, I wouldn’t give up. Maybe then, I’d die knowing that I actually fought back to oppression and deprivation of my rights.

  7. Aurangzeb K Says:

    if we take money we will siner because why a muslim Make a churh or be a part of maker if we sale our land for shirq why Allah will forgive us pelestine is an example of these kind of work led by jews and their brother chirstians these two comunityare most henious comunity on land they are like mix pig fox and wolf

  8. wolverine_unreal Says:

    Wow, I read about this ages ago and can’t beleive the issue is still alive.

    The land that is now Srpska may have been won in battle and hence belongs to the Serbs but overall jursidiction still belongs to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzengovina so she has a legal case as well, which she’s won.

    In her position, at her age, I’ve got nothing to lose by demanding every inch of my land. The value of money shifts as one grows older anyway. It is a matter of principle and I would stand my ground and demand my land back.

    EDIT: This is something similar to the Babri Masjid case in India where Hindu zelaots destroyed the 16th century mosque. Muslims didn’t pray there because it was locked down by the court for years until the case settled. There stands a temple in its place today. What would anyone do but demand for justice and ask for rebuilding that mosque?