What would you do with this situation please?

After the sale of the most amazing horse falling through, which really devastated me as he was perfect, Im on the lookout for my new horse, but not finding anything that ticks all the boxes so the land owner where my other horse grazes has offered me the use of his 4 year old gelding for the summer.
I went to see the horse and he seems very sweet and friendly – the owner has told me that he only rides him about twice a week and it would be great to see him being used and brought on. The owner has offered to pay for any shows I take the horse to, which seems quite fair to me.
Im going to ride the horse this evening, but in two minds over what to do! If I take the horse, Id be paying for his livery in the yard where I kept my last horse, and pay for the livery. Id have him to use as my own – Ive mentioned it to the owner what would happen in the event of the horse having serious injury or death, and he said hes willing to take that chance as its unlikely it would happen.
BUT my question is – what would you do? Right now its very up in the air, Ill discuss it properly if I like the horse later when I ride him – so any questions or ideas you guys have for me to put to the owner would be great. It would be nice to have something I could get out to shows with for the summer and so on but do you think its a good idea or am I just grasping at anything at this stage!
He did mention if I liked him that he might be open to selling him but no price or anything was discussed.

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  1. Spify23 Says:

    One thing i cannot stress enough. Draw up a contract: list who is responsible for what costs, who pays for livery, who pays for vet and farrier checks, any additional supplements and physio/chiro sessions. what you allowed to do with the horse, any limitations on riding, shows, clinics, trainers etc. Who’s tack you will be using, who’s responsible for replacement tack. Who is responsible for major vet bills, what should happen should the horse be seriously injured and result in loss of use or death.

    Do a google search on ‘horse lease contracts’ to give you some rough drafts.

    Otherwise I’d suggest you ask the owner if you can do a 4 week trial to try out the horse and see if you like him. If you do like him then sign a 6 or 12month lease contract, in which time the owner can’t sell the horse out from underneath you.

    You might also want to consider a sale clause, as you will probably be training the horse and furthering it’s experience on behalf of the owner. Should the owner want to sell the horse you will get first option of buying the horse for a lower sale price, if you choose not to buy the horse then you get a percentage of the sale price.

    Also add a notice period, normally 2 months, for cancellation of lease.

    Good Luck

  2. cherry Says:

    I think this sounds like a good arrangement.
    What I would say, though, is to make sure you have a contract drawn up, stating who is responsible for vets fees etc.

  3. Anna Says:

    I think that you should show the horse and see how well you like him. if you feel that it could be a good parntership you should talk to the owner about buying him. Make sure you set a price and ask if it will increase with an increasing show history. I think you should tell the current owner that you are not going to cover expenses in case of death if he is not your own horse. i think that after working with the horse you should make your own prediction on how much he is worth and then see how much his owner thinks he is worth. you could then negotiate around the two prices. if you are seriously considering buying the horse then you should do so before you get into a lot of shows and training in case the owner wants to raise the price of the horse.