Whats the best way to get hunting rights to private land.?

I hunt my buddys land and i am only allowed to hunt it when hes there. it really pisses me off ive been best friends with him for 6 years. so im tired of dealing with it cause i can hunt every evening and most mornings so i am thinking about asking the land owner next to him. I know there are some good bucks in the area and i also know that they bed on this guys land and just use my buddys as a funnel to there food source. so what questions and how should i ask them to get permission. like do i offer to pay money or give him some of my kill? I know the question is alittle rough but i think you will get the point.
i am only 16 and my buddys land is owned by his uncle and i can only hunt there once a week if at all.

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  1. outdoorsman4life Says:

    i have done this many times. just go up to the landowner and ask him. however, don’t go up to him/her with your full gear and gun in hand because i have done this and it didn’t work well. politely ask if he/she minds. tell them exactly what game your hunting. also tell them the likely times that you will be on the property. if he/she tells you not to hunt deer but you can hunt small game, don’t shoot a deer. if you break the trust that he/she gives you, you will likely never be allowed to hunt there again.
    and it would be wise of you to get a note of permission signed by the landowner. leave it in your license holder so you dont forget it.

  2. Gail J Says:

    Just talk to the land owner and make sure if it okay with him for you to hunt. You might want to get something in writing from him if a CO comes by and the landowner isn’t around.
    Make sure that you tell your buddy too, in case he comes by and thinks your hunting his land without him there.
    Good Luck

  3. 'Taker Says:

    I think you got it figured out. If you hunt the land next to his w your buddy, odds are he’s seen you around and knows your buddy. Just ask.
    If it was me, I’d gladly give permission in exchange for fresh venison. (Bring a six pack with you to grease the wheels maybe, y’know?)

  4. dca2003311@yahoo.com Says:

    Introduce yourself, but do not offer any $$$.* Offer the landowner to share your game with him or to help him with chores.* Ask him about when, where, and how he wants you to conduct yourself when hunting on his property.* Do not bring up anything about your friend at all.*

  5. aznsurfer317 Says:

    You might want to dress a little casual, then knock on the landowners door, and introduce yourself. Ask him about making a deal/contract for hunting his land such as share of game, or maybe even a payment. Also mention to him you’ll pick up after yourself and clean your game off of his property if he wishes.

    Just handle it in a gentleman like manner and you’ll probably have success.

  6. redfred Says:

    The best plan would be to talk to the landowner directly. Chances are, if he doesn’t hunt himself, he probably leases out the land for hunting already. If he doesn’t, you may be able to talk him into letting you hunt there. If he does, I hope you treat him with more respect than you do your "buddy". Let’s see, HE owns the land, he lets you hunt there every day (for free, I assume), and it "pisses you off that you have to deal with it". If that’s the way you treat your "best friend’, I’d hate to see how you treat a stranger from whom you’re just trying to cadge some free hunting acreage.
    Good luck!

  7. tom jones Says:

    You have already received some very good advise. The approach of going to their door and asking is the right way.

    When you do that make sure you tell the landowner you will let him know when you will be on his property and that you will take care of and stock and gates/fences on his place.

  8. CIH(Ret) Says:

    You will have to go and talk to the owner of the land where you would like to hunt. Do this well ahead of the hunting season. When asking for permission to hunt, assure the owner that you will respect and protect his property. Ask him what rules he has and write them down so he knows that you are serious about following them. It is also a good idea to offer to do such things as make any temporary repairs to broken fences that you might find while hunting. Because of your age, you may find it hard to get a land owner to give you permission to hunt his land. When you talk to him, you must present your most mature self and hope for the best. If he refuses to let you hunt, just tell him you understand and thank him for talking to you. No matter what, you MUST be polite at all times. He may refuse you at first but then he may change his mind. It is a good idea to give him a piece of paper or a card with your name and telephone number on it and tell him that if he changes his mind, to give you a call.

    If you do get permission to hunt the land, it is always a good idea to offer the land owner some of the meat that you harvest from his land. A couple of packages of deer steaks will go a long way in getting you back on his land next year. Another trick is when the weather is not favorable for hunting, just drop by the farm and visit with the owner. Sort of a social call but realize that being a farmer, he will not be sitting around. That is when you just sort of pitch in and give him a hand for an hour or so. You have no idea what doors that will open for you. If you want to hunt a different piece of land, you can give the owner of the first place as a reference. If you have done the things that I have told you, what kind of reference do you think he will give? A damned good one, you can bet. That will almost assure that the second farmer will give you permission to hunt his land. Treat him the same way and you will have two really good references and so on.

    Good luck and good safe hunting.