what's the difference between oil&gas and petroleum engineering?

i’m about to choose my major, but i’m curious about the difference between oil &gas and petroleum engineering?

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  1. biire2u Says:

    I believe the petroleum engineering is more based on refinery operations and the oil and gas is a field engineer working on oil and gas production from the ground or ocean

  2. Loopy Says:

    Oil & Gas is centered on the extraction, cracking and mixing of fuels, without regard for by-products.
    Petroleum, and more precisely, Petro-chem, includes studies in plastics, medicines, food additives and many other aspects beyond fuels.

  3. oil field trash Says:

    I have never heard of oil and gas engineering as a discipline; however, petroleum engineering is related to understanding and exploitation of oil and gas reservoirs. This mean the activities related to what lies beneath the ground. There may also be come training on the production, separation and treating of the oil and gas once it reaches the surface but nothing to do with refineries or petrochemical activities. That is the area of chemical engineering.

  4. someone from angola Says:

    there is no great difference between both, but the few difference is that in oil and gas engineering there is a little more geology course or subjects are added than in petroleum engineering