What's the difference between petroleum geology and petroleum geoscience, if there is any?

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  1. carbonates Says:

    Mostly spelling.

    At different companies I have had the the title of "Geologist" and "Geoscientist" (and sometimes both) and my degrees are in "Geology" and "Geoscience." In some applications "geoscience" is the broader term as it often includes those specializing as geophysicists as well as those specializing in geology, and could include petrophysicists in some places. There are varying degrees of overlap, and some geologists are quite accomplished as geophysicists, and vice versa. In general geophysics is more quantitative and geology more qualitative.

    I would consider the school’s program and types of classes required in more detail if you are trying to decide between two majors. In the US and at the one European oil company I have worked for at least, employers do not treat these as distinctly different. They may ask to see your transcript when reviewing your job application just to see what classes you have taken, which means the name of the major is not the important thing, but instead the quality of the training. In the West Indies this job title may be different, so you might want to investigate with potential employers by looking at job descriptions of job openings. Then there are the large oil companies that will hire any talented college graduate. My first on-the-job training program in the Netherlands included new hires from all over the world, and some had degrees in Astrophysics, Mathematics, Environmental Engineering, etc. Talent was the reason they were hired, not their major.

  2. smart guy Says:

    I don’t think there is geology is the science that studies "geo" the earth, and logos means lecture or speech. Geo-science is kind of a more broad because you have geography, geomatics etc but you said petroleum geos-cience so when talking about petroleum you are talking about the earth.

  3. NICK Says:

    how do you explain that geophysics is “He” while geology is “She”

  4. NICK Says:

    Petroleum Geology and Exploration Geophysics, which should be preferable for postgraduate studies with someone that has a background in applied geophysics and focusing on the petroleum industry and academics.