What's the procedure for getting an oil well set on your property?

I have about 50 acres of land in Louisiana. A person on a neighboring piece of land about 400 yards over is having a well put in place on his land. I’m almost positive that there is oil and gas on my property as well. Testing has shown oil to be throughout the area. It follows a path once called the Tuscaloosa Trend. What is the best route I can take to have a well set up on my property to allow drilling?

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  1. dogsafire Says:

    Do you own the mineral rights?
    There are people who make a business of leasing mineral rights. Talk to them. In that area of the country you ought to be able to find them in the Yellow Pages – probably under Oil & Gas – Leasing or some heading similar to that.

  2. Eric Johnson Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m interested in getting a well on my fathers land in Cameron Parish. I understand the property is on the Hayes and or Vinton Field. There is very little information such as maps or data avaliable. The acreage is around 600 and it stretches west along the Intercoastal cannal. I can get the exact layout and send it to you as well. Let me know who to contact please.
    He does own all the rights.

    Thanks… Eric