whats worse? blood diamonds or blood oil?

the media, the entertainers, the government sanctions(ie kimberly certification amongst others) to stop the trade of blood diamonds from africa?

yet nobody seems to mind the blood that the american people and the middle eastern people have to shed so everyone can use petroleum.

that’s probably because petroleum is connected to gas, oil, plastics, manufacturing, and pretty much a myriad of modern businesses.

when wind, water, hemp, and solar power are available more easily and freely someone decided to make a material that has to be drilled up and processed through an expensive process the cornerstone of our modern technology.

not to mention that it and derivatives cause most of the pollution, cancer and other problems that plague us today.

just a thought.

control and power … natural or human invented?
you are correct.

but that is only because someone chose , before many of us were born, which element to use for manufacturing.

wind, solar, water, and even gravitic power could have been developed over the years just like oil has.

but by using oil it was easier to control access and thereby control people so it was the best choice for the power mongerers.

I currently am buying parts to build a generator that uses solar and water power so i can power my home when i have it built. and i am also researching gravitic technology so that can be a power source as well.

however being that i am one of the working poor whose money mainly goes to bills and supporting myself it is a slow process.

and the reason alternative energy would be so expensive, because oil has been the focus.
had the focus been on clean energy from the beginning it would be much cheaper and healthier to use.

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8 Responses to “whats worse? blood diamonds or blood oil?”

  1. ddb777 Says:

    Let’s not forget about slave labor trade involved and also, sex slave industry, yes right here in the U.S.

    It’s sick, we have to do something.

    I would rather give my own life in the name of humanity than to give it in the name of empire.


  2. TinyButUgly Says:

    blood oil, by far

  3. Kat Says:

    It’s all the same difference isn’t it? It’s not a question of what’s worse, but what you can do to make it better.

  4. smsmith500 Says:

    Oil is used for far more than fuel. I have yet to see wind or solar power create the plastics used in manufacturing. Matter of fact that computer you are using would be impossible without oil. The electric power that runs your home is coming most likely from an oil or gas powered generator. As far as control and power, think about the fact that we have been trying to pass a comprehensive energy policy for several years. What was the objection raised by liberals, The government went to experts in the business for advice. Like who would you go to for that?

  5. garden girl Says:

    In the movie ‘blood ‘diamond", an old man is walking through the village talking to one of the main characters and he say’s " It’s good there is no oil here or we would have real problems." In the background are scores of dead villagers lying on the ground. I thought that a very telling scene. We are all being played by big oil , defense contractors, and the Republican government that supports them. Unless we rise up and fight back and vote Democrat this November, we will be forever in their bondage. Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex taking over the US. Look around.lt has arrived.

  6. sparhawk7322 Says:

    Try to get at least some facts to back up your rant. Alternative energy supplies would cost you more in the long run (at least for now).

    Whose blood is spilled drilling for oil? I’m sure that drilling is a high hazard profession but that’s why they pay so well. I have never heard of slave labor being used to drill. Do you have a link to any where that makes this assertion?

    Pollution and cancer have been with us long before the first oil well was drilled. Again why not try to link to any proof on this assertion.

    Control and power have been driving forces since the beginning of human history. Without them I doubt that advancement would have been possible at the rate it was. But at least here in America we have legislation that protects us from the worst of the excesses of these motivations.

    Blood diamonds are mined with slave labor that works the miners to death. Try to make a more accurate comparison next time.

  7. lordkelvin Says:

    Simple solution…. Drill here, Drill now…

  8. skool 1 Says:

    Blood diamonds are far worse in terms of lives lost ,there have been thousands of lives lost world wide chasing oil,but in terms of diamonds we all are responsible for the enslavement,murder,and attempted genocide of millions of people. I believe because of the skin color ,the powers that be don,t give a damn, we as Americans will be in a fight with russia before the US do any thing other that food drops for the black people of Africa. And in case you didn’t know this didn’t just start.