When are jobs usually saturated in Calgary? How can one apply for Jobs in Alberta, Canada from overseas?

When is it suitable to apply for oil and Gas Company Jobs( Drilling) in Alberta, Canada?
From overseas with Perm residence status and APEGGA membership are there any specifics one should know when applying for Jobs in Alberta?

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  1. jeff Says:

    I live in Alberta, please see these websites! Good luck in your job search!




  2. Pappu Nsu Says:

    Before you arrive

    If you are thinking about immigrating to Alberta, there are several steps that you can take to prepare:

    1. Learn more about Alberta, Canada

    Information is available to help you decide if Alberta, Canada is the right place for you. Research the information on this website about the province of Alberta and its communities, and about living and working in Alberta.

    2. Visit Alberta before you decide to immigrate

    The Government of Alberta urges you to visit the province before completing your immigration plans to obtain first-hand knowledge of what to expect. For example, if you are a business immigrant (an investor, entrepreneur or self-employed person) you can find out about potential business and investment opportunities, markets, competition and cost of doing business in Alberta. Skilled workers can learn more about Alberta’s employment opportunities and work culture. Visiting Alberta will also give you an opportunity to learn more about personal matters such as lifestyle, social conditions, education, health care and the cost of living.

    Contact the Immigrate to Alberta Information Service for information on Alberta and immigrating to Alberta.
    3. Review Canada’s immigration laws and regulations

    Contact your nearest visa office of the Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in your country of residence, or visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to obtain an application kit as well as more specific information about Canada’s immigration laws and regulations.

    4. Complete the immigration application kit

    Once you have completed your research and are confident with the business and personal and employment opportunities available to you in Alberta, complete the appropriate application kit. Submit your completed application kit and appropriate fees to the Canadian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate visa office.

    5. Prepare for an interview with a visa officer

    Upon meeting the basic requirements, you may be invited to an interview with a visa officer. Business immigrants: You must be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of doing business in Alberta. Skilled workers: You must be able to demonstrate your skills and work experience in finding employment in Alberta. If your application is successful, the visa officer will arrange for a medical examination for you and your family. Immigration officials will verify your personal background.

    6. Prepare yourself and your family for arrival in Alberta

    Review the before you arrive checklist for tips on preparing to come to Alberta.

    * Checklists: Before and after you arrive

    7. Welcome to Alberta!

    As a successful candidate you and your family members will receive permanent residency in Canada and you can begin your new life in Alberta. For further information – contact Alberta Employment and Immigration – Immigrate to Alberta Information Service: by phone or email. Related information from the Government of Alberta.

  3. Thad Says:

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