When do crude oil price peak?

Under what kind of situation do curde oil price peak? It seems that crude oil price peaked at different month. Sometime it peak during late summer (Aug, Sept). Sometime it peak well after summer (Late Oct.) What is causing the oil price to peak earily, and what is causing oil price to peak late?
I can understand it peak during summer. But I don’t understand why it would peak in late Oct (like 2004).
If I’m missing anything, please let me know. If there are more info that’s related to this stuff, please let me know too.

2 Responses to “When do crude oil price peak?”

  1. Andy Says:

    There are a lot of factors in the price of oil — set by the market, not by the "cost" of oil — and seasonality is only one of them. Weather has a major impact on seasonality. But today, political factors — including terrorism fears — are as much an issue with the price of oil as anything. Early spring peaks are are not unusual — March. If you look back over the last 10 years you’ll see peak prices at March 2000, $34.37, September 2000, $37.80, March 2003, $39.99, July 2006, $79.86. We’re above $74 right now. The lowest lows of that period were $10.35 in December 1999 and $17.12 in November 2001. No doubt the winters were mild in those years.

  2. Frank Castle Says:

    As long as the demand for Oil keeps rising the price will rise all the way to $100.00

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