When do we start drilling out own oil?

We have enough oil right here in America.. When do we start drilling and increasing the supply so the price would go down on consumers.. This is insane to pay per gallon for gas

8 Responses to “When do we start drilling out own oil?”

  1. greye_wolfe Says:

    The U.S. is the 3rd largest producer of oil in the world and obviously the U.S. then is the largest supplier of oil to the U.S. followed by Canada and Mexico. But the fact that oil is pumped in the U.S. does not lower its price. The price of both oil and gasoline are determined by trading on the commodities markets. It is speculation in the commodities markets that are causing the spike in oil and gasoline prices, not supply.

  2. Friendly Neighborhood Atheati Says:

    No. Fail.

  3. vindikat Says:

    Um, no, we really, really don’t.

    Seriously, no oil supply in America can even compare to what’s available in the mideast. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are floating on oil, and their supply basically allows them to control the market. No amount of domestic drilling will change that.

  4. Mercer Devil Says:

    We’re waiting for the rest of the world to run out first. Then we can gouge them at 10x the rate we’re currently being gouged.

  5. power_d_69_1 Says:

    They never stopped drilling in the US,it happens all the time.

  6. James W. Early Says:

    The oil companies want to wait for two things. First for all the other reserves in the world to run dry and second for it to get to a thousand dollars a barrel. Then they will start pumping, the holes are already drilled, they just have to turn on the pumps.. Why do you think big oil is contributing more than half the money Obama has raised?

  7. T-Bone Says:

    To answer your question;

    If left to Democrats, never. They value caribou in the Arctic more than families in the lower 48. They would rather America be at the mercy of Arabs and not in America being self sufficient.

  8. romo Says:

    because the bush administration failed to build oil mines, along with many other presidents, but if Gore became president the world would be much different.