when is the madness of fuel and natural gas going to end?

im really tired of getting analy raped if everything is going up shouldnt welfare/ public asst. be easier to get now for food why dont they raise min wage or even give us an allowence based on income and family members for fuel maybe that will help insted of stimulus tax rebate the most americans are going to save hell i will not go spend t go on fuel or debt ill sit on it till it gets moldy or maybe buy a HONDA ill spend my money on foreign until usa get their head out of a$$ im tired of the lies oneday its the dollar gained oil fell but price is still the same at the pump hell i may go put sump pump in bp and fill my watertank full to the brim hell crime is going up and ill be dam if my kids are going to starve for some pos thats tring to line his pockets thats what im going to do im going to fill up + intrest and maybe ill share the wealth with others even the police come to ks for free fill up

3 Responses to “when is the madness of fuel and natural gas going to end?”

  1. linlyons Says:

    – the price of gas is not going to come down. consider from the point of view of Saudi Arabia. it’s all they have to sell to the world. when it’s gone, if they not saved and invested, they’ll all have to go back to herding goats in the desert.

    – there’s considerably less than a single year’s supply of oil in ANWR. drilling more in the US just isn’t going to do much, other than make the oil companies richer. in addition, what would be better? drilling now at $150 a barrel, or waiting until it’s $500 a barrel? which won’t take all that long, i’m afraid.

    – oil speculators are responsible for most of the oil price fluxuation we see in the market. i’ve been told it mostly large corporate speculation. i think if i owned an air line, i might be doing that.

    – don’t like the minimum wage, etc, consider who you voted for.

    AND, if you think it’s bad now, wait a few years. it’ll get far worse.

  2. Darren D Says:

    it wont. not as long as china keeps developing.

  3. Hardip Says:

    When WW 3 starts and all the gas is used and theres no more left then it will end