when natural petroleum is going to be exhausted?

where are the natural resources mine for petroleum products and their expected capacity?

One Response to “when natural petroleum is going to be exhausted?”

  1. peftus Says:

    It all depends on how desperate we get.

    Drillable oil resources will expire relatively soon, likely within a century. However, gobs and gobs of petroleum are locked up in rocks such as "oil shales" and tar sands. Currently these are not economical sources of petroleum, but someday they may be. These would then extend the projected exhaustion date for some time.

    However, it’s clear that there are easy, economical alternatives to petroleum, if only so many companies (and thereby so many people) did not have such a strong vested interest in continued petroleum exploitation at all costs. If we manage to change over the major economies of the world from petroleum to other energy sources, then our exhaustion projections go out the window. But we’ll be living in so much better a world at that point, we really won’t care :)