When Obama took office gas was $1.68, now it's $3.10 and with oil at $100/BBL gas will go up to $6/gallon: do?


do you think this will affect his reelection bid?

Obama has blocked 14% of domestic US drilling and revoked coal permits.

Do you think a businessman like Donald Trump would swing in for a 2012 win in such a case?

10 Responses to “When Obama took office gas was $1.68, now it's $3.10 and with oil at $100/BBL gas will go up to $6/gallon: do?”

  1. GaCowboy Says:

    obama’s a freakin’ progressive, socialist, radical, GD FOOL with absolutely ZERO experience.
    And the sh*thead doesn’t even LIKE this country.
    If things start getting a little better now it’s because biz trust that the conservatives WILL NOT LET these FOOLS drive us OVER the cliff.
    Libtards, if you don’t get it now, you will in 2012.
    Decent people are tired of your hypocrisy and lies.
    Saying and doing all this crap and then saying it’s the conservatives.PEOPLE KNOW BETTER! You’re just to stupid to realize it.

  2. Thready Sparrow Says:

    why is it that any time something bad happens everyone wants to blame obama?

  3. eric Says:

    obama is doing great things and he will be re elected.

  4. hihihi Says:

    Maybe he’ll find a way to fix it

    and to the previous person’s comment—if it was a Republican in office no one would let him ignore the fact that gas prices are raised

    I hate all politics, just an observation.

  5. **** Says:

    How much was it during GWBush’s 8 years?

  6. mrjonessr41 Says:

    This is really silly, so it was Obama that made it 5 dollars a gallon just 3 summers ago. BTW, the better the economy gets, the higher the gas prices will go.

  7. soupbowl21 Says:

    I’d like to know when and where the price of gas was $1.68 in the past few years.

  8. betotron Says:

    he must go or we will have double inflation to soon

  9. My Constitution Says:

    First of all, This will hurt Obama chances in 2012. One thing that helped bring on the recession was gas prices. Bush did try talking to OPEC to increase the oil out put to drop oil prices. Obama will never do that cause he’s lobbing on green energy that will never work.
    Herman Cain will be the one knocking Obama out of office.

    Bad Elephant: Bush/republican recession is wrong, it’s Bush/democrats 2007-2008. All the spending under Bush from 2007-2008 was on democrats watch. The recession started well after the democrats took control.

  10. Crystal Says:

    First of all, yes, gas prices did get high at one point during Bush’s presidency but he understood the business and corrected it when Dempcrats tried to block more drilling, those dumb hippies! Yes there are alternative sourses of energy but nothing proves to burn cleaner in automobiles and is cheaper then oil. Do the research. Corn promotes more polution. Second, Obama blocked drilling in the Gulf because he doesn’t understand the business and thought the world was outraged 11 men died and the waters were poluted… I knew one of the guys who was killed in the blast, of course I was upset… but would I promote shutting down airlines because there have been many plane crashes killing people? NO! That would be stupid! Or would we cut off alcohol off because of drunk drivers? The public wouldn’t stand or it!So Why are we letting this happen to us now? Why do we allow ourselves to be raped at the pump? Natural gas prices have not risen because we continue to use our own resources from our own land, do the math people… it’s not a republican or democrat thing, it’s a pocket book thing… Are we going to live more expensively because of our party choice or give a message that we wont depend on another country for something we have of our own? Our food prices will rise because of the price of oil, the truck drivers will not eat the cost!