when the price of the oil increases..is that good or bad?

how does the price of oil increases?

4 Responses to “when the price of the oil increases..is that good or bad?”

  1. meg Says:

    If you are concerned about the enviorment or America dependence on foreign oil it is good. There are many people, both Conservative and Liberal, who favor making it even more expensive by adding a $1 a gallon tax. More expensive gas will cause people to buy more fuel efficient cars, so over the long run most people will spend no more an gas than they did before the price increase.However in the short run higher gas prices are taking a big bite out of the budget of many people who do not have the money to replace their gas guzzling cars. No matter how you look at it. high gas prices are here to stay because the poor countries of the world have growing economies and there are no new oil discoveries that can meet the increased demand. You should choose the next car you buy with the expectation that gas will be over $6 a gallon before it gives out.

  2. S T Says:

    greedy oil companies raise the price….it is bad for me since I am a working person, good for the oil company CEO and employess….they have to pay for thier mansion and private planes somehow. I dont think that the $3 BILLION they earned in the first quarter of this year was enough, they have to bend us over even more….

  3. devilkid1068 Says:

    when everythings price increase, but your salary nvr increased.
    that’s life…….

  4. fuzzykitty Says:

    Depends on whether your a Oil Company or a Consumer. I called for fuel for Monday , At this paticular time the oil company is charging $2.69 a gal. If there isn’t enough snow to help insulate some, It can get to be a fairly expensive winter. Because it generally goes up .